Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cheaters: Are they dogs or are they just being human?

Freshman year, he stood a few feet away from me and leaned his lips towards her. My back was turned, but nonetheless, other people saw him, and they dashed over to tell me.

The same boyfriend, weeks later, disappeared at a party. Finally, the bathroom door opened, and out he came, with her. Flustered, they explained she was showing him her toothbrush. I think it was the other way around.

One year out of college, he didn't come home after work. He didn't call. He didn't answer his phone. He vanished. 24 hours later, he clamored through our apartment door with an excuse: he was drunk and there was a DWI stop, so he stayed away. He had LIAR written on his forehead.

Could the anonymous commenter be right? Is it not in our genetics to be truly faithful to the one who we tell we love each day and night? To the one who we promise never to hurt?

Or are some MEN just dogs?


Anonymous said... hahaha Chrissie knows who this is..hahahaha

Anonymous said...

i think i am the "anonymous commenter" that you're referring to, so i just want to clarify myself:

i NEVER advocated open-relationships, or polygamy, or cheating, or anything like that...

i did use the word "monogamy", so it's mostly my fault for being misinterpreted. but the definition of "monogamy" that i intended was: to marry only ONCE in your life. and THAT "monogamy" is what i don't consider natural.

but amidst all that natural (and righteous) selfishness, there should also be an inherent common decency in human-to-human interaction (we are, after all, somewhat of an advanced species).

so if you want to be with someone, then be with someone. if you want to be with someone else, then be with someONE else.

don't mix it up. don't overlap. don't lie. don't cheat.

some men are just dogs (some women too...).

Chrissie said... i know who you are??? i have no idea who you are!!!