Monday, May 21, 2007

Fluffy and your new found friend with benefits

Aaagggghhhhhh CHOOOO!!!!”

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He’s allergic to your cat.

Sure, EVERY GUY SAYS he’s allergic to Mr. Fluffy, but is it really true???

Or is it excuse number 1,453,500,382 as to why he can’t come over?

I mean sure, there’s the whole “job” thing and the “friends” thing… and gas IS very expensive… and maybe he really DOES need to wash his hair, again.

But the whole, “I’m allergic to your cat,” excuse seems to happen so suddenly.

His eyes might look REALLY red.
And all that sneezing will surely keep BOTH of you up at night.

But maybe, just maybe, that’s why he’d rather you come to his place.

OR MAYBE he uses the cat as a convenient excuse… a reason to make you work harder while he gets to sit back and enjoy your efforts in the quasi-relationship you find yourselves in.

Is he just not that into your cator is he just not that into you???

Can a cat really make or break a relationship?

It’s not like I own a boa constrictor…
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Sarah said...

Your first mistake: GUYS HATE CATS.

vanessa said...

not all guys hate cats. My boyfriend has actually taken my cat on as his own and if we ever break up he said he's taking her with him.

Chrissie said...

well my ex claimed that he was allergic... then i brought a cat home anyway.

turns out they got along fine;)

Girl who thinks guys are wimps said...

Oh geez.
Guys are such wimps I swear! They want to put on this male testosterone facade, but in the end, they have more estrogen than we do!
When their sick, they act like they're dying!
When they have an allergy, instead of just taking an anti-histamine, they'll gripe about it and use it as an excuse not to drive the extra 10 minutes to your house.
Fluffy is cute, and fluffy shouldn't be the reason a guy can't come over and visit. He should take be on medication if his allergies are so severe!
Gosh they're such wimps! haha