Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grandpa played his cards right!

My grandpa recently told me about how he met my grandma. He was playing cards and she came over and sat on his lap. (You Go Grandma!) Two years later, they were married. (She was 17, he was 25! You Go Grandpa!)

Grandpa said to me: "They say you know when you see a person that he or she is the one."

Two years ago, today, I went on my first date with Chris.

I met Chris at Mahoney's. I saw him, and knew I had to meet him. So I went over and talked to him. I even kissed him. A week later, we went on our first date, and looking at him, I knew.

How did you meet your mate? Did you know?


Sarah said...

Is it odd that my grandparents were 8 years apart?

Chrissie said...

the best is when you meet someone and you get that feeling...

and then you don't get to keep them.

Sarah said...

Did you try sitting on his lap?