Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm in the Goonies!

Last night, while asleep, I was transported into a movie montage. I have no desire to be an actress, so WHAT DOES IT MEAN????

My real life boyfriend Chris died mysteriously (in the dream). With the help of my freshman English college professor, who oddly resembled the Oz wizard, we were using a book that belonged in a Harry Potter flick to find Chris' lost soul. Only it wasn't a book. The pages were filled with maps of roads that laid out his life. I was in a sense, following the yellow brick road, to save him. But I wasn't singing tunes with little people, I was petrified.

Just before I got to the part where I could save his soul, Anne Ramsey from "The Goonies" demanded to know where the treasure was. I didn't know. But then money started falling out of my pants leg. I woke up before the one-eyed sloth could get me, but I never did save my boyfriend.


Alice said...

Wow, Sarah.

I thought my dream where my life was going to end because I couldn't file a Web update for the paper was weird.

I'm impressed you remembered so much of the dream, though. When I was little, I remembered every detail. Nowadays, I have only wisps of memory left by the time I fully wake up.

Chrissie said...

All "kids" movies... your regressing. Your BF's death is symbolic of an "ending" or a new "beginning" with him.

Maps/Roads -> you're searching for the right answer/path to "find" him or "save" him.

Oooh!!! And the money in your pants and the lie you told -> You want to believe what you're saying but you can't, the truth is coming out even though you don't want it to.

if i were a totally jaded, bitter woman (ha!) i'd say this dream means that you're afraid of real commitment with your man, and the childish dream you had for prince charming isn't going to come true... you're a place where you realize this but you don't want to face the reality.

or it could just be a dream.

Anonymous said...

most often, the dreams we remember are vivid because they represent fears or desires that we suppress in our waking life.

these feelings only breakthrough in dreams, when our conscious mind has let its guard down. they release like a torrent thru a broken dam. that is what makes the dream so significant and memorable, even when the content of the dream seems, on the surface, to be random and bizarre and meaningless.

the most memorable dreams are of things we want but don't have...

or of things we have but don't want.

i suppose, combined with chrissie's symbolic interpretation, none of this bodes well for you, sarah.

but i doubt it's anything out of the ordinary for a person in your position, relationship-wise. fear of commitment. it's universal. commitment is unnatural.

i really have no idea what i'm talking about. i'm just bored... ;)

Sarah said...

Here's what I think:

The money part is because I have none. I try to hold on to what I have but it keeps getting taken away from me.

The boyfriend part -- I think it's fear of losing him. I was looking at a map of the past, present and future -- could that be symbolic of trying to see into my destiny? See if he is there?

Chrissie, I like pink wedding things very much ; - )

BTW, it's a ton of fun to have people analyze your dreams. If have a neat one to share send me it
( and I'll post it.

Ross said...

sarah, i really think youve gone insane without me