Friday, May 11, 2007

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Maybe you can help me come up with a solution to this DILEMMA.

I used to go out and DANCE all night. Forget the bar, forget the boys, I was out to shake, grind and bump to hip-hop. That's right Dane, I JUST WANT TO DANCE!

I used to have my regular spots - Cabs(New Paltz) on Thursdays, Exit(NYC) on Fridays, the Matrix(POK) on Saturdays. Then I got OLD.

I don't mean my joints hurt. I mean the new crowds of college students have infiltrated my hangouts and I don't fit in there anymore.

Yeah, yeah there's Mahoney's. Good old Mahoney's (where my Intern told me the "old people" go). I like it, sure I do. But it's not exactly a DANCE place. Yeah there's Shadows, but that's a lounge.

So where do the "old people" go to DANCE?

And perhaps the bigger picture question: What did you have to give up that you loved doing as you aged?


Anonymous said...

I know a few good places in Tampa!!! You are never to old to go out and dance!!!

Anonymous said...

Dancing is great exercise. They'd be less fat people in the world if more people danced!!!! Good for you! Keep on Dancin'!

Sarah said...

From a co-worker:

"Weddings, that’s about it.
It’s a sad day when you realize you’re too old for the clubs."