Thursday, May 10, 2007

The "M" Word

No, no, no.


I'm talking about MONOGAMY.

And my personal experience has taught me this... err wait... here's a fairytale.

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess met her prince charming. After months of courtship and love, they moved into a tiny, loft apartment. In time, they grew apart... in need of personal space he moved himself and his precious laptop into the pantry. When he started to resemble a can of beans rather than a human being, the young prince decided that he needed to move out, get ON with his life... you know the one that his princess had apparently halted. He wanted openness. He wanted her still... and her, and her, and her too! After a year or so of this "openness," the young prince came to his senses and decided he couldn't do it anymore, he wanted exclusivity. He wanted what he had.

But it was too late.
All that openness had turned her sour, and the love that brought them to that tiny loft apartment was gone forever.

Lesson learned?

The prince thought he wanted to mingle with all the ladies in the kingdom.

But what made him REALLY feel like a king was having a princess all to himself.

Turns out, the Land of Monogamy wasn't so bad after all.
He now resides there, with someone else.

(I think;)

What are your experiences with monogamy/open-relationships???


Sarah said...

I wouldn't count on it (that he's faithful now).

zito's boy said...

sometimes the princess would rather swim the moat with a knight sporting a pink shirt & popped collar who offers her his magical beverage that gives you an energy burst...

then months later she wakes up and realizes..hey wait... i can't trust this medieval guido and his black magic beverage...

Chrissie said...

ahhh yes... the evil knight in pink;)

some ladies would rather spend their days by the water, finding themselves a lowly fisherman who spends his time digging clams.

but again, it's all a fairytale.

Anonymous said...

Digging clams huh?? I get it...gross!