Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Poughkeepsie does not equal paradise: cancun update

Why I didn't want to come home:

1- my waiter Gonzo escorted me to (but not in ; ) the ladies room, all while telling me how he thought I was beautiful (two times!). My waiters in New York don't even remember to bring my beverage until the food comes!

2 - $40 could get you open bar at the best Cancun nightclubs. $40 MIGHT get you in the door at the best clubs in Manhattan.

3 - the ocean was a like bath water, the sand was like confectionery sugar in Cancun. I once put my beach blanket down next to a used tampon in New Jersey.

4 -
i could walk every where i wanted to go in Cancun. Back home, my SUV costs me $60 per tank of gas/ per week.

5 - i didn't have to go to work. No explanation needed.

Why I did want to come home:

1 - i realized how completely uncomfortable i am around topless sunbathers and old men who swim in see-thru tighty-whities. YIKES!

2 - day 1, i was positioning my chair perfectly in the sun. day 2, i was running into the ocean to hide from it. I got the perfect tan, if I was going for the raw filet mignon look.

3 - it's hard to make friends when the only Spanish words you know are: bano and modelo por favor!

4 - "Do you want a Mexican Boyfriend?" got real old, real quick!

5 - i need to work and earn $dough$ so i can go back again next year.

Photos: That is my actual hotel, those are beach beds that I spent the last four days laying on! That is the best club in Cancun!

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