Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Setting the mood

1. DO start the day off nicely. You can’t just throw a new mood at someone if your first utterance of the day was, “Hey, can you get me some more toilet paper.”

2. DO take her somewhere NICE first, but make sure it suits HER. If she’s the outdoors-ey type, take her for a picnic, if she’s Miss. Priss a nice dinner will do.

3. DO tell her she looks nice, smells nice, or simply is nice. Compliments go A LONG WAY (especially if they are sincere).

4. DO cuddle (before AND after).

5. DO make her a priority (before AND after).


1. DON’T ever EXPECT anything, ever.

2. DON’T discuss how sexy the woman on television is and then suggest you “go up to bed.” No woman feels attractive after you’ve ogled Salma Hayek.

3. DON’T put on “make-out” music and expect it to work, most women are put off by that forced “romanticism” and it causes more giggles than anything else.

4. DON’T tell her that she’s a 7 on ANY scale of 1-10.

5. DON’T forget that it takes 2 to tango… and both dancers COUNT.

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