Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top 10 reasons to go out on a weeknight...

even though you have to be to work early.

1. DRINK SPECIALS!!! They use them to lure us in… and they WORK. Dollar Drafts anyone? Save the 4 bucks you usually spend on that afternoon Venti Latte and you’ll get a buzz on in the evening instead.

2. The CREEP who stalks you on Saturdays stays in on weeknights, so you won’t have to hide in your hoodie and ask your friends for “protection” on THIRSTY Thursdays.

3. Your significant other will be “too tired,” so you can go out without the ball and chain for once.

4. 5:30-7:00 p.m. on a weeknight is prime time to fish for a man in a suit. It’s better than the 2 a.m. puddle you may find yourself casting your bait into on Saturday.

5. No one at work will expect that your bloodshot eyes and frequent trips to the bathroom are the result of going out since it’s not the weekend. You can blame your allergies and head home early.

6. You can wear the same outfit you wore last weekend to the same place and no one will know the difference.

7. It’s much nicer to drown a Monday with a margarita than the hangover from Friday night.

8. Instead of waiting in LINE to get into the club, you can actually take a seat and enjoy your time inside. No more hours freezing in your tank tops or ruining your “do” due to the summer’s humidity.

9. You might be able to meet someone new, the crowds change with the days of the week, so no one will know if you're a "regular."

10. What’s your alternative? You really think that watching the history channel AGAIN will give you the same memories as meeting your friends for drinks??? Think of the last time you went out for j u s t o n e… and I bet it turned into a night you’ll never forget.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. I also just read your profile and I am a 27 year old librarian, people always think that I'm a boring old lady.

Chrissie said...

Yes! People make assumptions when you tell them that is your job title... they picture you quiet and ALWAYS wearing glasses.

It's sometimes funny the conclusions people come to without much other information:)

Anonymous said...

This coming from a person who is on a first name basis with the buss boys at Mahoney's?

PS CONGRADS!!!! on your Employee of the month.

Chrissie said...

To be perfectly honest... I'm not aware of any of the bus boy's names at Mahoney's.

(But keep in mind their shifts probably end before I arrive there;)

And I have to wonder how you know about that other piece of information... ANONYMOUS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What do I know I'm just a "SWINGER". Well I guess its better than a "TWEENER" haha.

Anonymous said...

'night you'll never forget'?
Yeah, because most likely it ends in a night of disaster.
Being a former 'partier' or 'person who goes out too much' I can say one thing...
It ends in drunkenness with probably some drama added in, and a drunken girlfriend crying her life story, or a recent problem with her 'boyfriend' 'f**k buddy' or 'friend w/ benefits'
It's all the same
Weekday, weeknight, mahoneys, derby, it's alll the same....
Going out is a waste of time and money. Especially if you've done it over and over NEVER changes.