Friday, July 20, 2007


  • Sum of the 5 through 8 numbers.
  • Letters of the English Alphabet.
  • The number of lbs. I gained since jr. high school.
  • Atomic number of Iron.
  • The No. of Yankee held World Series titles between 2000 and 1923.

And the age I turn tomorrow.

Is 26 a good age?


Anonymous said...

I turned 26 in Decemeber... It's a good age I would say... I mean we aren't getting any younger... HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

tnmiller said...

I don't like to brag, but I'm only 21. I'm not too excited for 26 to come.

Happy birthday!

Sarah said...

I may not be getting younger, but at least now, when someone says, YOU LOOK SO YOUNGGGGGGG, I don't take it as an insult.

-- u look young at 26 means I look 21ish.

-- u look young at 21 means you're immature


Anonymous said...

i used to think 26 was old... until i turned 28.

there's a trick to feeling young: just take your age, add 2 to it, then say, "well, at least i'm not THAT old..."

i don't know how much longer this trick will work. but hey, at least i'm not 30.