Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DENY-a-LATER (date)

(He approached me.)
HIM: So what do you do?
I'm a reporter. What do you... (He interrupted)
HIM: How long you been there for?
Four yea.. (He interrupted again.)
HIM: Six months?
(Ouch, I thought).
No FOUR years.
HIM: Years, huh? I thought you were 22.
(Ouch again. No wait! now that I'm 26 that's a compliment).
Add four years.
HIM: Oh, wow.
HIM: So ahhh... I see you're not married. (Oh man) Are you seeing anyone?
(Nervous laugh)
Yes, I am.
HIM: Well, I'm a nice guy, and I'd love to date a beautiful girl like you, so keep that in mind.
(I glanced up at his head of white hair.)
errrh, ooook.
(OK? Who says OK?)
Truth be told, I am a DENY-A-LATER. I lack compassion when someone asks me out on a date. It's like a reflex. Instead of blushing, the room spins, my eyes cloud, and all I can do is my signature nervous laugh.

Once, at a bar, I practically yelled "NO" and fled.

Why can't I spit out "I'm flattered" or "thank you"?

It makes one sorta miss those amateurish notes, where one could easily turn down a suitor with the swift stroke of a pen!


Chrissie said...

You can avoid similar situations with a $3.00 cubic zirconia on your ring finger.

You'd be amazed what it can do to keep the creeps away:)

Sarah said...

Do you have the same reaction when you get asked out?

Chrissie said...

I can't exactly say, "I'm seeing someone" with a straight face so I use the ring to prevent them from even going there.

Luckily, my cell number changed, so I now honestly tell people I don't know my number if they ask;)

Sure, they don't believe me but I know I'm telling the truth.

Sarah said...

See, I feel like I should have a line... but I'm such a bad liar, they'd know. So I say NO and run away.

And I tried the ring thing once, when I was in college. The guys didn't care.

So maybe it only works on older men?

Joe said...

I think the ring thing will work for guys in their 20s. It's something I give a glance to when I see a girl. Though, I did have girl friends in college who would wear a ring on their ring finger not knowing that'd deter guys...I thought that was strange. But college is a different.

At least you're not like some friends of mine...who will be in a relationship but STILL give out their real number to some guy just because he talked to them...when they have absolutely no intention of ever wanting to hear from him.

They don't even fake number him.

I will honestly never understand.

The girl said...

Don't feel bad Sarah, I do the same thing.
My friends have called me a b**ch because of it. Because I give guys the 'face' and walk away. For some reason, I can never do it cordially, like the 'thanks but no thanks' routine.
It's usually in the 'ewh you're creepy' or 'RUN AWAY!'
But I wonder...
is it because the fashion that we're usually 'hit on' is in a creepy fashion, or is it the guys who just rub us the wrong way.
I've never been approached in an intelligent and debonair way, it's usually in a drunken
"Hey, you're hot"
"Yo yo yo MA, youz lookin good 2night"
"asdjkasd" (too drunk to even make a sentence)

Or if it's not in a bar environment usually guys aren't confident enough to approach us in an un-awkward way.
So the conclusion is...
it's the guys fault for our reactions! :)
(Love the picture by the way!)

Sarah said...

it's the guys fault --- Isn't it always :-)

Sarah said...

I don't understand that whole thing when the girl pretends to like the guy, even tho she will NEVER call him, there should be a middle...

NOT ME, But NOT THAT either.

Anonymous said...

who would ask sarah out? thats my question...

Sarah said...

Thankfully, guys who AREN'T As RUDE as you, geeees. I mean really, what's the worst thing I've done to you, write an opinion you don't agree with, so now you belittle me? Really, you should find something to do, I hear fishing is fun.

Alice said...

I avoid the entire situation by generally not talking to guys at all related to the group I'm with.

They generally don't try to talk to you if you haven't made eye contact...

Of course, this was pretty much how I acted in college when I was single... :-\

Sarah said...

BUT... I was at WORK, lol, and so I was sorta INTERVIEWING this man.

I think it would help us, men, if you'd just look for clues that we are into you before you ASK us out.