Tuesday, July 10, 2007

don't bridge the EX gap

Tell it like it is.

A man who builds a bridge to a woman he isn't interested in rekindling a relationship with, has really created a path to her front porch, where she is laid out like a door mat.

* She is emotionally invested. Not ready to let him go, not yet. He (gasp) could change.

* He has already put in the emotional time. It's over, but why not get something else out of all that effort? At least till something better comes along...

It's in WIKIPEDIA, titled THE EX-SEX, next to drunk dialing and casual relationship.


-- Booty calls are like vampires, appearing in the night and disappearing before it becomes light again.

-- You end up naked just moments after he arrives and ALONE just moments after that.

A MANMADE bridge occurs when there is a gap between two people, a gap that is THERE in your best interest.


Anonymous said...

Interesting subject.... It can be done... sucessfully infact...

However, there has to be a deadline for ex-sex... and it has highly complicated instructions and rules.

#1RULE - Make sure neither parties are interested in dating nor seeing anyone else through this duration. i.e - Both realising that they WANT to be single.

#2Rule - Always assume the other party to be promiscuous and not just doing you. (this will ensure non-jealousy).

#3Rule - Know for SURE not to be stupid and patch things back. An ex-sex is better left off as an EX.

#4Rule - Respect your fuc*buddy and never treat them or make them feel like a piece of meat.

#5Rule - (Applied to women only) DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTATCHED. It is and MUST be purely physical with friendship in mind. He is your dildo, do what you have to do, clean it up and put it back in the drawer. =D

tnmiller said...

Let's say it is done successfully. It won't last forever. Is there any ending but an UGLY ending?

Sarah said...

Do you really think that when it comes to emotions, especially love, someone can follow these rules. This is ex-sex, not prostitution.

sprinter said...

Wow! Your rules are crap! No way will you have a "successful" anything with your EXpartner. But that's the idea, isn't it?

Sounds like a "user" to me!