Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I hate it when she's right!

The phone rings last night.

"Did u get my e-mail?" she asks, excitedly.

I check. It's a job opening.

"How many times do I have to tell you, thanks but no thanks," I say, repeatedly, during the 20-min convo about why I should move on (aka back home).

A glass of wine later, the headache she caused begins to fade.

24 hours later, it comes back, with the announcement of industry-wide downsizing.

Hmmmm... Is this a sign, I wonder? Or just a coinkydink? because I HATE it when MOM is right!

How do you fend off MOM attack? You know those Sat. 8 a.m. phone calls, when she wants to know if you're eating your carrots and making your bed?


Anonymous said...

hang tough. you'll be ok.

Sarah said...

No one has a mom story?

tnmiller said...

My mom told me not to speed the other day, and sure enough I got pulled over!
You aren't leaving, are you sarah?

Anonymous said...

My mom always said that I'd fall in love with a good friend - that my first real love would be someone I was friends with, and that I wouldn't realize it was happening.

And ... mom was correct!

I guess that's a not-so-terrible, mom-is-right story. But I can think of a million other cases in which she was right about something, and for no good reason, it just IRKED me, like it irks you!

Maybe that's because by the time a person is an adult, or capable of making his or her own decisions, having mom be "right" about something in your life feels like a breach of all that independence self-sufficiency which have taken years to ripen.

That being said, I still think moms have an invaluable point of view that is unique from what anyone else can offer us - it's just up to you to feel out just how much of that point of view you want to let weigh in on your personal decisions.

Sarah said...

NO TN, I'm like that ball of goo you buy in the 25 cent machine, I'm not going elsewhere.


There's different levels of mom attack.

Level I -- Did you hear about that murder the other day? Lock your doors honey.

Level X-- Quit your job, get rid of your dog and move back home with me.

I can handle up to level V without needing a drink. In fact, I couldn't live without level i, ii & iii. But, the rest just causes agida.

tnmiller said...

Haha I like the system you've invented!
How far away do you live from your mom and how often do you see her?

I'm glad you're not leaving. That would be terrible even though I'm only interning for a couple more weeks. I think I may have actually come in early enough to see you for a split second today!

tnmiller said...

...not that you would recognize me anyway because i don't have a super sweet blog pic like you!

Sarah said...

Well TN, you can post on this blog as much as you like! We like having a male pt. of view!!!

Happy interning...