Monday, July 30, 2007

"I love him like a brother" "BFF" and other nonsensical stuff

Platonic love was meant to bring lovers closer to wisdom and beauty. It is described in depth in Plato's Phaedrus and Symposium. BUT WHAT DOES PLATO KNOW?

I agree with Chris Rock's words of wisdom

He said:
Men don't have platonic friends we just have women we haven't ... yet. 'As soon as I figure this out, I'm in there.'

[OK] We have some platonic friends, but they all by accident. They are some women men were trying to ... made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in the friend zone...

'OH **** I'm in the Friends Zone!!'

WARNING: Once placed in The Friend Zone, one will most likely stay in the friend zone. Attempts made to leave the zone will end up with faces slapped, manlihood damaged, and scratches on your shinny new Acura!
(Read the Ladder Theory for a good laugh!)

Unless said friend:

A) Joins the gym and gets a Beckham body
B) Starts dating someone very attractive, causing friend to become jealous (the whole wanting what you can't have thing)
C) Proves himself to be the knight in shining armor

What do you think, can you get out of the FRIEND ZONE????


Jared said...

I got out of the friend zone. But you can never win with 'friend zone' proponents, if you get out they'll just say you were never there to begin with.

Sarah said...

So, you're now dating your friend, who claims she's always had feelings for you?

It happens in the movies. Jane is dating Ahole No. 11 while Tom is with Jerk No. 3. Meanwhile, both have feelings for each other, and FINALLY, they break up with the NOT-SO-RIGHT and FIND TRUE LOVE... Where's my tissue?

So, go with it!

Chrissie said...

Do you think that guys have "friend zones" too where they keep all the girls they might want, "someday" ???

Chrissie said...

Here's a comment from a discussion board on this very topic"

"NOTE TO GUYS .......... don’t do it - don’t hang around a gal .... unless ...........

- she is your mom
- she is your sister
- she reminds you of your mom
- the very thought of her being naked makes you very very ill"

read the rest here:

Alice said...


With the Phaedrus reference, you have brought back some very bad, very vivid memories of my Fundamentals of Rhetoric class.

Sarah said...

I took Intro to Philosophy and can honestly say, I learned more from Chris Rock today, than that whole semester ;-0

Anonymous said...

when u're in friend zone the girl will always leave u in friend zone... its a killa...


Anonymous said...

i doubt anyone will share this opinion with me, but i've never really believed in that whole "friend-zone" thing.

most of the friends i hang out with are girls. i consider them all very close friends. if there were any such thing as a "friend-zone", then i would be in it.

but i've hooked up in some capacity with pretty much all of them.

maybe i'm just good at getting out of the "friend-zone", if only for a night here and there.

or maybe, like chrissie suggested, two single people with a reasonable attraction to each other simply cannot be "just friends".

single people need sexual contact too. and it often can be safely found in a casual encounter with somebody you know and trust and whose expectations are in-line with your own.

personally, i believe the "friend-zone" is where a girl puts a guy who she would never have sex with in the first place, regardless of whether he is a "friend" or a total stranger.

or maybe it's where guys put themselves when they're no good at making a move.

oh, and the "NOTE TO GUYS" about not hanging around a gal is bad advice. in my experience, hanging around girls makes you much more attractive to other girls, which is always a good thing.

oh, and "phaedrus" reminds me of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, which is one of the best books i've read.

ok. i'm done.