Friday, July 13, 2007

Intimi-DATE who?

Maybe women make EX-cuses when men just “aren’t that into them.”

But maybe there is something to be said for the phrase my friends and I have coined:

It’s the: “I’m-a-LOSER-and-I-know-It-So-I-Can’t-Date-You,” guy.

Come on, I’m sure you know him.

He’s the guy who’s so intimiDATEd by your success that he can’t DATE you at all.

Your shiny new car makes his ’84 Chevy pickup look that much worse.
Your success at work only make his lacking assets more obvious.
And your ability to balance work and a relationship and even friendships points out the fact that he can’t even organize his EMPTY date book.

Sure, he likes you (who wouldn’t?)???
But he can’t let you in because then you’d see H I M.

Ya know, the guy who has less than you…

But even worse than that guy…

Is the guy whose mentality is so archaic that he can’t be with a W O M A N who has her life together.

But maybe it goes both ways... have you ever been the Intimi-DATE-er before???


that handsome CPA said...

Also Chrissie, you should mention that its equally as pathetic to pick up a girl with the old "I drive an Audi" line for those men who lie on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, as a 20 something guy living in the Hudson Valley, I wish that I had the problem of being intimi-dated. I feel like this comes off sounding really arrogant...but I would love to be proven wrong sometime.

Chrissie said...

Some girls will fall for ANYTHING;)

I've heard worse than the Audi line.

Anonymous said...

i think a girl's intelligence is much more intimidating to a guy, and therefore a larger factor in this equation than her material success.

a guy would be fine with a girl's material success as long as he can say, "yeah, but i'm still smarter than you are."

but when his intelligence is eclipsed (or exhausted), and he realizes he cannot keep up with her superior wit, the girl becomes "undateable".

it's a shame...

but of course then there are guys like me who are wildly attracted to girls like this... so all is not lost;)

Chrissie said...

Did I not mention intelligence in my post??? I had meant to.

I don't think a woman can be "wildy successful" without intelligence and wit, so I guess I was implying it.

I don't think men WANT women who are "smarter" than them... I really think that men want a woman they can "take care of."

If she's "got it all figured out," then what does she NEED HIM for?

Helena said...

Ok, sometimes I'm intimidated when a really hot guy pays attention to me. It's hard to remember you're no longer the fat, pimply girl you were in high school..even when you're 30!