Monday, July 23, 2007

It's hard to make new friends

That is unless you're drunk.

And it's your birthday.

The next day, shame set in.

How sloppy was I? That I just started dancing with females in their own little DO NOT DISTURB groups. I can't even order a cheeseburger without getting nervous!

But it could have been worse:

I didn't wake up in bed w/ one of them.


No one asked for my phone number.


It's not like I stalked them on MySpace the next day. Or them me.



Chrissie said...

So you're ashamed that you danced with some girls???

Ahhh Sarah, I wish that was all I had to be ashamed of after MY birthday.

I actually met someone on Friday night who said, "Yeah, I know you... I saw you here on your birthday... THIS year, AND LAST year..."

The worst part?

I had no idea who this person was.

But I do know this.

This year my birthday involved some crying and last year's birthday involved trying to sing Sweet Caroline with Dr. Mudd on stage.

So you and your girly dancing have NOTHING to worry about;)

Sarah said...

I've had sloppy b-days before, in College!! But I may have broken the golden rule of 26, within my first day!

SLOPPINESS in your late 20s is not allowed. So Chrissie, YOU HAVE ONE MORE YEAR


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah, talk about tossing your inhibitions to the wind...

Though, I suppose it could have been worse.

In fact, it could have been much much much MUCH MUCH MUCH worse, and still would not have been sufficiently bad enough for shame.

Well, I suppose that's a subjective matter...

Sarah said...

Gees, I'm starting to feel ashamed that I wasn't sloppy enough :-)

How about drunk dialing the other half of the odd couple at midnight? Is that bad?

Or I'm sure i did something dumb at the diner at 2 a.m. OOOOH I ordered an Irish Coffee, and god knows, i didn't need the Irish part!

I know, I know, still lame...

Chrissie said...

The best part of that drunk-dial was the "I'm at Mahoney's, WHERE ARE YOU? You're supposed to BE HERE."

I hadn't realized I was officially part of the scenery... although I should have known;)

But trust me Sarah, had I shown up... we could have gotten into some real mischief worthy of SHAME.

Joe said...

I was (more than) a bit ashamed at my sloppiness the other weekend. I've been told that I was hitting on girls at the pizza shop at 3 am with bad pick up lines and then apparently emboldened by a slice of pizza almost started a fight at another bar...all of this being a bit uncharacteristic for me.

The next morning I had to be at an early wedding. Outside. In the sun. In a suit. Hungover.

Funny thing is that when all of the details get pieced together, it makes for one pretty funny story.

I disagree with this so called golden rule at age 26 :)

Anonymous said...

OK, this is a little late but seeing as I was the only other female in your group that night, and sober I might add, can I just say that I'm glad to know that you were dancing when you disapeared for twenty minutes and not hanging over the toilet! And not to take away from your street credit but you never really drank your Irish coffee. You did slurp the whipped cream though! And there are some gestures you did while we were out that I cannot describe here......sooooo sloppy you were some, ashamed though you shouldn't be. It was after all your BDAY!