Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Keeper

I know I’m “capable” of doing it myself.
I know I have my own and that I use it everyday.

And I know, that you know, that I know what you’re doing when you take the initiative and do it for me.

But I’m still a sucker.

I still LOVE when…

car door
for me.

Extra points if you walk a little faster as we approach the car so that you can get there before I do.

Extra, EXTRA points if I see your eyes stray down toward my shoes to make sure “I’m in there all the way,” before you gently shut the door.

EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA points if you do this for other women too.

Because then it’s not a ploy to feign chivalry…

Then, it’s just evidence of good man-ners.

And what else could a girl want in a man?


tnmiller said...

Clearly you don't have a type a personality. My ex-girlfriend hated that stuff. Opening doors, paying for things...

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I may be getting Alzheimer's at 2-6, but I'm pretty sure i didn't write that last comment.
Perhaps Chrissie was signed in as me.

Every girl is different TN, I don't like the whole door thing, but you can certainly pay for dinner once in awhile.

Chrissie said...

Sorry Sarah!!!


hmmm... well i think everything is good in moderation.

i don't need your suit jacket draped over the mud puddle EVERYTIME we're out:)

and although i love the car door opened for me, i get creeped out if a guy pulls out my chair at dinner, that's just a little too formal for me.

(i guess women are never happy)!!!

Sarah said...

No prob! Look I got a pic too!