Thursday, July 5, 2007


When is it time to keep your hands to yourself?

I was always been a "fan" of PDAs.

At least I was... ya know... when I was IN a relationship.

But now that I find my self sans-boyfriend, the canoodling and cuddling makes me nauseous.

Is all that hand holding necessary?
Will you really miss him THAT much when he gets up to use the restroom during dinner?
And is that 25 minute hug goodbye a MUST??? He's going HOME for the evening, he's not flying off to war.

Maybe I'm bitter.
Okay, I am bitter.
But there has to be a certain "standard" that can make all the happy couples content AND one that won't tick off the jaded old maids.

What are the "rules" of appropriateness when it comes to public displays of affection?



Anonymous said...

I don't know Chrissie, so do you think spending some time in and out of a relationship has given you some insight on what's appropriate in public?
Because I remember a cute little blonde girl and a guy named *** being extremely affectionate in the WORK place, at WORK meetings or during break at WORK.

So does that now constitute too much PDA? ;)

Chrissie said...


Work is not a place for PDAs, EVER.

Unless it's some restaurant job you don't really care about;)

And my time in (7 years) relationships and my time (2-ish years)OUT of them only proves one thing...

Once you're single you can't remember what it was like to be WITH someone.

zito's boy said...

Ok...I'll work on being a little less irresistible...but its gonna be tough.

Chrissie said...

Definition of EGO MANIAC:
(According to Chrissie Lynn)

Assuming EVERY BLOG entry is about YOU!!!

Take that ZB;)

Sarah said...

I think sometimes when I get mad at PDA it is because I've forgotten how it feels to be completely consumed with those emotions. Then I just feel jealous.

Chrissie said...

I think the most guilty PDA-ers are the ones that are just SO in love they actually CAN'T see anyone else around them other than "the one."


Anonymous said...

actually Chrissie, I agree with you (about the whole you forget what it's like to be with someone)

But when you get back into a relationship after being out of one for a while you begin to realize what NOT to do and you begin to have more consideration for others.

Like not ignoring your friends when your guy is around
And keeping your affection to a minimum in public.

So maybe all of this single a learning experience.
That's what I tell myself at least ;)

Anonymous said...

shucks... PDA make people like you and me puke...

Yes I get the picture u guys are a couple when u just hold hands... But snogging while waiting for the traffic light to turn to a greenman just beside me... awww c'monnn...urghh... A touch of class ladies and gentleman... I say keep the ass grabbing somewhere more private or somewhere dark in a club where I have either someone else to snogg too or good ol' Jim (Beam) beside me.

Sarah said...

There's two levels of PDA. There's the drunken couple at the bar who make you say: "GET A ROOM!" and then there's the couple who sit on the same side of the table during dinner at a restaurant.
There's gross. And then there's LOVEY.

chrissynb said...

Come to India....your discussion about PDA will be over...especially when some morally challenged jerk wants to beat you up for kissing in public.....

Anonymous said...

COME ON GIRLS!!! Give the one "in love" a break. It's been a long time in between loves, and this one's a good one. Be happy for your friend, she was happy for you.
Public affection has been around for a long time, and this is "The Honeymoon stage" Give the jealous comments a rest and get on with being friends and being happy for one another!!!!!