Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The perfect length

How long is too long of a DISTANCE for a relationship to work?

I’ve seen friends drive HOURS to see their boyfriends, and I’ve heard others complain about the 45 minute ride home.

I’ve wondered if absence makes the heart grow fonder or if absence makes the heart grow fonder for other people

You know, those people who live closer.

So I ask, what ARE the secrets to making a long-distance relationship work?

And more importantly, what are the SIGNS that the relationship itself is speeding on the freeway to OVER???


Anonymous said...

One key factor for success is to be sure the friends local to your significant other really like you. It some ways, you would have to be part of that crew and not the ball-and-chain that keeps them from meeting up. They will be the ones that keep the distant boyfriend/girlfriend honest (and chastize them on your behalf if they aren't).

Sarah said...

I could never do a long distance relationship. I'm too needy.

Briana said...

I tried a long distance relationship one time....didnt work
Never thought it would work again.
Never had any intention of really trying it again.
But when you find the right person....I've found out that it doesnt matter. No distance is tooo far to travel to be with the person you care for extremely.

It can work


Girlly girl said...

Well my Uncle was dating his girlfriend for 7 years (she lived in SC and he lived here in NY) and she just moved in recently and they seem to be pretty happy.
I mean, the whole situation is kind of deranged, but as far as the whole distance goes I don't think that it's an issue.
If the relationship is stable, and you care for one another, the distance isn't going to hinder the relationship as a whole.
It might put a strain on it, but it won't destroy it.

if it's too long of a distance and you two really work out then you can move close to one another or maybe even (after some TIME) move IN together.

And as far as the whole friends thing goes...
We're too old to worry if the friends like you or not. I mean, it's always a plus, but it's the mates responsibility to keep to himself and remain faithful. Not his friends to remind him.

Hope you had a happy 4th!!! =)