Monday, July 2, 2007

She's got legs ... and tight shorts!

Heels & Short Short Shorts, what's up with that?
It's like Sporty Spice and Sexy Spice collided.
It's like peanut butter and tuna.
It's like Basic Instinct meets Hoosiers.

It may work on the runway, but then again, what doesn't work on the runway? (Maybe this)

I was inspired to discuss this trend by a group of young girls at Shadows, who looked like street walkers, not club goers! I just don't agree with it.
Then again, I am still angry at the plastic belt around the waist look.
Guys, is either sexy? Is your type sexy, sporty or sexy on top and sporty on the bottom?
The Your Type of Girl Test
(It said my type was sorority girl. As If!)

I guess it could be sooo, sooo much worse. Look at what these designers have in mind. This girl belongs on all fours in the desert.

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Anonymous said...

yes and yes.