Thursday, July 26, 2007

The things we keep

I’ve moved recently, and among the usual clothes and furniture, I realized I had quite a bit of other stuff too.

You know, HIS stuff.

Our stuff.

And I’m not talking about the coffee table his mom gave us for our new apartment or the bed we bought from Sears.

I’m talking about the “memorabilia.”

The photos, the doo-dads, and the gifts that no one else would understand.

When I first moved out of our apartment, I had a HUGE box filled solely with THIS stuff.

It barely fit in my closet and I wasn’t even able to look through it for about a year.

(Okay, okay, I looked through it before then, but not without the tears).

And I was thinking, these objects hold so much “emotion” that maybe the way to rid them of it is to publicly illustrate WHAT was in THE BOX.

So here’s to exhibitionism!!!

1. A kite- A kite from the dollar store that we had bought on our way to Vanderbilt. We bought two, he lost the first one in a tree because the winds were too strong so I tucked this cheap mass of plastic and sticks into a safe place for a less windy day. Apparently that day has yet to come.

2. An empty bottle of wine- Ice Wine, super sweet dessert wine that was bought for me on my birthday. It was saved for a “special day,” which came months later on the night we moved into our first (well, and only) apartment. I will admit now: It was too sweet and I didn’t like it.

3. A jewelry box- Okay, it wasn’t exactly a box… it was more of a pouch stuffed with all the sterling silver I had ever gotten. The best part is that this pouch contained mostly bracelets… and I don’t wear bracelets, I’m not big on accessories. But there was something about these “jewels” that was sweet. Probably because they reminded me of the sort of thing I received in 5th grade from my “boyfriend” who used his lunch money to buy my birthday gifts.

But I was able to do one thing during this move that I wasn’t able to do 2 years ago.

I was able to “downsize.”

That box that barely fit in my old bedroom has been reduced to a tiny shoe box that fits neatly under my bed... ya know, that bed we bought from Sears.

The kite is gone.
The empty wine bottle is gone.
The jewelry… GLADLY GONE!!!

But the frustrating thing?
those memories still aren’t.

So what's in your box????


Sarah said...

Shoe box = baggage.

Get RID of IT Allllllll....

Anonymous said...

omg.. tht is the reason why i kept it all in a box in the first place.. out of sight, out of mind!

I have a box filled with utter nonsense.... frm concert tickets of No Doubt to even an empty MnM's peanut packet... I'd rather not even trying to remember... im definitely over it... but it does hurt..

I'm a guy btw..

Chrissie said...

aww! M&M peanut packet:)

H20 said...

Umm, i have a train ticket and a concert stub. And a half empty or half full(depending on how you look at it) glass of water someone special once gave me ;)

tnmiller said...

Jeez, Sarah, you've just got it all together, don't you? I'm jealous!

(notes, cards, a pen, hair ties, ticket stubs, mini golf score cards)

guilty as charged.

knicksgrl0917 said...
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Sarah said...

The one thing I'm good at is getting over the EX... but that could be because the of the EXs, not me having it all together.

Anonymous said...

I think we all keep a 'box' cos we can open it at anytime when we are over the situation and think to our selves what was I thinking then...
They are past moments we want to hold onto at least for a while...
Then when we are over it we rip them up or burn them... Whatever, then we keep a few... Why??? I think because this person still has a little part of our hearts still and it is something in time we are all ready to let go of...
I mine not sure, ALL I know is we all have something that reminds us of something...

breathe0420 said...

I can't seem to rid myself of all my "stuff". From all the notes we passed in the halls to the promise ring which obviously meant nothing, I just can't let it go. What hurts worse than opening up that literal shoe box is opening up that pandoras box of emotion when I still answer my cell every time he calls. I can't let the box go therefore I can't let him go.

Sarah said...

Well, may I suggest starting with the box, and then following up with him.

Break it down in steps, like you would a college term paper.

By Monday, I will throw away the movie stub.

By Tuesday, I will rid myself of his t-shirt.

Wed., I will chuck the card.

Start with the stuff that means the least to you and work your way to the big stuff that seems impossible to part with.

Call up friends and have a BOX Party (chrissie said it first ;0)
for support.

Meanwhile, ladies, might I suggest keeping a journal of all the stuff your man does to you that makes you steam? It might be helpful if and when you need to get over him.

I was born with this unforgiving trait, so I log it all :-0