Monday, July 9, 2007

The Wheels on THIS bus...

3rd wheel, 5th wheel
HELL, I've literally been the 9th wheel at one time.

But driving that "social-car" with an odd number of wheels is an art to be perfected.

(And you'll get to take your road test MORE THAN ONCE I'm sure).

As the odd-woman-out you've got to remember to follow your own set of rules in order to make sure all those couples are "comfortable."

1. You can NEVER point out the fact you're alone with disdain... this will only lead to pity faces followed by the "I'm so lucky to have you" faces, both of which will make you SICK.

2. You must be content to dance alone, or be sandwiched between "that couple" who is only trying to make you feel better about being alone.

3. You are responsible for ALL interesting conversation. After all, "the couple" now lives vicariously through your single-life because their pizza and movies aren't all that great to talk about.

Sure, you're the one chatting hilariously about your life while they can only listen and hold each other's hands...

But they still get to go on thinking that they "lucked out" and they secretly can't wait for you to find "the one..."

If only for their own comfort levels.

So even if you feel like you're in the PRIME of your life and you're enjoying every minute.

The only PRIME number that's EVEN...
is 2.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Chrissie, I think you should just get over your 3rd wheel phobia, because you know AS SOON as you find a man worth keeping, Briana will break up with her man, and need to tag along on those HOT dates.

That's just how it works!

At least that's how it's gone in my experience...

So much for best friends finding hot TWINS to date, which was my and my bf's dream in jr. high.