Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Men Lie

Monday, on KISSFM, CJ said that the average male lies SIX TIMES during the course of a (first?) date.

Well, I went deeper. I found out what the most common lies men tell women are and WHY they tell them. This according to Reader's Digest RD LIVING:

  • "Me? I graduated top of my class."
RD says: This man isn't comfortable with his own failures and successes.
  • "Of course I like your friends!"
RD says: This man is covering up his opposite feelings with ego-stroking statements that turn out to be total lies.

  • "Honey, you're the best."
RD says: "One of the most lied-about subjects has to be sex." This man knows women's vulnerabilities.

  • "No, I can't call you. I don't even know where I'll be."
RD says: This man is falling out of love (or was never in it).

  • "That dress isn't too tight. It looks great!"
RD says: This man is a good guy, showing he cares. But he shouldn't let these lies become a habit.


Anonymous said...

I really like this... Because GUYS do lie a lot... I had this happen to me the other day... A friend of mine I haven't talked to in months called and said he had 3 jobs and that he is doing really really well... Then asked me if I was going to SPAC for a concert and if I was he would be there because he works there... To make a long story short the night of the concert I called this LIAR and asked what he was doing just to see if he was working... Nope he just got finished eating with friends and he was going home to go for a run!!! The concert was that night he claimed he was going to be working it OR he would call in to go with me... Intersting SO why do guys lie... About the buying a house, Getting a harley I think it either to impress upon someone to make them think they are better then they really are OR for a huge ego bust... However when the other person like myself throws a test to see if they are a liar or not then you learn the true person this person really is...
Think of it this way I am married and he is only a friend and he was lying to me to make himself look better... In my mind if you have to lie to make yourself look better to a friend you have a problem not only with yourself but the people around you...

sturmovik8 said...
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Jared said...

Because we are rewarded for lying and punished for telling the truth?

Note: I'm not a psychologist or anything.

Anonymous said...

Everyone lies, stupid. The difference is men lie about things like "I stayed home last night" and women about things like "it's YOUR baby". Yes, that's a Chris Rock line if you didn't pick up on that. But the point is that more often a lie from a man is meant to cover his own ass. A woman's lie is more often meant to manipulate a person or situation.

The whole "6 things men lie about" thing is rather dumb. It's a Ricky Lake (dated I know), The View, Oprah non-issue. Next time open a dialogue with some depth, please, instead of this trite MTV nonsense.

Sarah said...

Sorry sturmovik8, I deleted the research paper you posted. Not sure if it was copyrighted. But in honor of your thoughts, LET ME POST THE MUCH SHORTER ABSTRACT of the paper. and feel free to share your own thoughts...

Don't believe the Woman Never Lies Myth

Frank S. Zepezauer*

ABSTRACT: Empirical evidence does not support the widespread belief that women are extremely unlikely to make false accusations of male sexual misconduct...

Sarah said...

First anon, I had something like that happen to me too. A strict friend told me he moved to florida and had some awesome job. But another friend confirmed he was in Long Island. Why Lie? It seems as though his life isn't good enough for him. He has to make one up.

As Jared points out, women put a lot of pressure on men, to be 100 percent honest, faithful, successful, and so perhaps we put pressure on them to lie in order to live up to our standards.

Do u think that's part of it?

And I'm sorry if I sound like Oprah, or like a cheesy show on MTV, I happen to enjoy both, and perhaps it's rubbing off... thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

hmm... a call for "depth" from a comment that barely skims the surface of respectable rhetoric.

of course, who would challenge the unimpeachable wisdom of chris rock?

yes, let's elevate the discussion above such "trite MTV nonsense". let's address each other as "stupid", call our ideas "dumb", and derive our complex and thought-provoking theories from jerry seinfeld material.