Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why SOME men deserve a medal...

  • They skip a Yankees game for a picnic.
  • They make your lunch (and write a love note on your napkin).
  • They do something spontaneous, just to make you happy.
  • You arrive home from work to find your laundry clean and put away.
  • They can't wait for you to get out of work so they can kiss you.
  • They spoil your dog.
  • They rub your hair just the way you like.
  • They borrow your car and return it spotless, with a full tank of gas.
  • They ask, how was work, and listen to your ramblings.
  • They don't refuse to dance, when you're in the mood.
  • They surprise u with a compliment you've never heard before.
  • They notice.
  • They bring up the future, and you're the center of it.
AND, they offer to buy your coffee, when the counter lady won't accept your giftcard. (THANKS FOR THAT!)


RENAY said...

Where can I find one?

tnmiller said...

Can I ask if you had the same mindset when you were in your early 20's, or did appreciating good guys come with maturity?

Sarah said...

Hang in there. I'd say you got about four more years to go.

tnmiller said...

ugh, shoot me now.

Anonymous said...

along side every great man is an amazing woman.

Sarah said...

shucks :*