Monday, August 27, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


"Look at that guy over there! He's hot!" -- Sarah
"Which one?" -- Chrissie
"The one in the blue button down and khakis." -- Sarah
"Oh, right. THAT one." -- Chrissie
Alright. I admit it. "The blue shirts" aren't exactly setting trends with their individual style.

Maybe they don't exactly stand out in a crowd, but that doesn't mean a man doesn't look FINE
in a collared shirt.

If worn right, the blue shirt hugs his muscular chest. The few undone buttons show off a much tighter white undershirt, which you know looks sizzling when he's just in his boxers.

Your eyes move down to his waist, where, if he's done it right, is a nice leather belt and a pair of dressy jeans. That, my friends, is the making of a well dressed MAN. One who knows that the Yankee Tees are for game day. Tank tops are for the gym. And sweaters are for holidays.

So bring on the BLUES (or red stripes), and take off the PINKS. If I wanted to date a girl, I would.


Chrissie said...


Blue says, "I saw this on the mannequin in Abercrombie and my friend said he wasn't wearing HIS blue shirt tonight so I could."

Pink says, "I'm such a MAN that I could wear eyeliner and get away with it... but I won't.

Dirty Audi said...

Um...yeah the collared shirt at a bar also says:

"I wear collared shirts at bars because I'm a garbage man and its the only time I dress nicely"

I will say it again....

Dress shirts are for work, funerals, and weddings...if you see them worn otherwise...ask them the following:

1.What brand of tanning lotion do you use?

2. What kind of hair gel do you use?

3. What is your favorite energy drink?

If they can answer all three without pause, then you know you're next date will be at McDonald's and your well dressed man will be wearing his wife beater and Reeboks.

Chrissie said...

A quick google-ing and I've discovered that garbage men make
$80,000 annually in New York City.

You can buy a LOT of collared shirts with those wages...

Next blog topic: The MAN-Purse

Sarah said...

Ummm... I'm not quite sure dirty audi can back up his statements with facts.

1) I've never met a guy who is a garbage man and I've talked to a lot of collared shirts. I'd say 75 percent of guys in a bar are in collared shirts, so I'm guessing their pool of occupations include ACCOUNTANT (ah hem!!!!). But mostly they = student.

2) not all are steakfaces doing the guido shuffle either! A lot of preps/jocks wear collars!

3) There's a difference between a BAR collared shirt and a suit collared shirt.

4) I'll take a No. 2.

Zirbel25 said...

Sarah, I disagree with your point of view on this one, sorry! I posted anon on Chrissie's last (forgot my signin)... but anyway my point of posting here was what were you thinking putting that pic up!! It's the goober face! people: that guy is a goodlooking one, his girlfriend's choice in pics does him no justice! :) talk soon chica

tnmiller said...

hey what about white t-shirts and gym shorts!! that's how i frequent the bar!

and MAYBE, just MAYBE i'm going to the bar to have a good time with my friends, not to pick up chicks, so i'm not dressing to impress, but i do clean up nice!

not all guys go to the bar to pick up chicks. maybe some guys don't fit the THAT GUY archetype and aren't looking for THAT GIRL!

Sarah said...

He is making a funny face, isn't he! I tried to find one w/ the guys all in blue -- because we all know they love to coordinate their outfits.

I still think it's appropriate. He's in what he refers to as his "pimp shirt" and it may have even been the one on the night we met.

Sarah said...

TN, you can wear a sweaty gym sock on your man parts, for all I care, but make sure it's NOT PINK ;-0

Dirty Audi said...

Ok you are right Chrissie, but most of it will be spent on Soap, Cologne and dress shirts for the bar.

Sarah said...

echo, echo, echo,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!
I'm torn on this subject.
#1) Collared shirts do look nice, but in a way they scream desperation. I mean, a group of guys all wearing collared shirts at a bar looks well... I don't know; like they're out on a mission.

#2) But at the same time I do think they look nice (like Sarah said) if they're worn right! They can look classy and what woman doesn't love a man that knows how to dress!

But yes, there are rules.
-Don't pop them up, because you look 18.
-And DO wear them a little open, it's very sexy.
make sure they're not pink.

I'm old fashion and pink on men just looks fruity. Sorry guys! ;)

Sarah said...

Don't forget the 1/2 tucked in look. That's pretty terrible too!