Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I've fallen for fall

Last year, fall wrestled the bikini top and coconut body oil out of my fingers, while I kicked and screamed, "I hate you, I hate you." Fall meant only one thing to me -- no more swimming.

Things have DEFINITELY changed. Perhaps it was the lecture on skin cancer, or the extra fee to use my apartment complex pool, or the research I did on the sewage in the Hudson River/swim at your own risk report... whatever the reasons, Fall can't come soon enough.

The recent cloudy, chilled days made me want to:

1) Stir a cauldron of chili, brown oatmeal cookies, brew a pot of piping tea, slurp brothy soup.

2) Make my Christmas wish list, plan my Halloween costume.

3) Watch movies with thick blankets over the windows, curl up with a book under an afghan, cuddle with Capo, draw a bubbling bath.

4) Brighten my house with gourds, light apple pie and pumpkin spice candles.

5) Pull fuzzy socks up to my knees, get out my cable sweaters and penguin mittens.

So bring on the Fall and bring out THE SWEATY ARMPIT SMELL!!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fall. You forgot to mention the changing leaves, making apple crisp, going apple picking, andddd carving Jack O Lanterns!!!! Maybe you didnt forget them.... But they are some of my favorites of the season.

Anonymous said...

Oh! and not to mention you dont have to worry looking like a sweaty beast melting in the humidity.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE FALL!!! I can't say it enough...I LOVE THE FALL!!!

I HATE THE SUMMER. Let's list my reasons why:

1) heat and humidity
2) every day is a bad hair day
3) You go outside, it's too hot; you go inside, it's too cool. Therefore, you never know how to dress.
4) wasting tons of gas in your car to use the air-conditioning
5) storms
6) bugs
7) loud neighbors swimming in their pool
8) not being able to cuddle up in sweatshirts or blankets
9) Somehow warm weather means that girls who should be covered up feel that they need to expose every roll to the whole world...no one needs to see that.
10) tatoos galore!! You see them everywhere and there's no escaping them. No offense to anyone who has one, I just personally would never do that to myself.

While I do enjoy the extended days and being able to go outside without freezing, fall certainly has it's perks.

Sarah said...

I can't afford a gym membership, so I have to run in 90 degree heat, in very public places!

So I'm looking forward to jogging without a BRIGHT RED face or frozen towel around my neck.


Chrissie said...

everyone is forgetting that FALL is the precursor to WINTER...

it means we're that much closer to shoveling snow, risky driving, and being at the mercy of advertisers everywhere as soon as the "season" hits.

i'd take a tall glass of lemonade and an outdoor nap over that ANYDAY.

Sarah said...

You can blame fall for winter as much as you can blame Sunday for Monday.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Fall.. my favorite season.. the cool, crisp air, -- football, autumn leaves, a warm cozy fire in the fire place/fire pit, homemade soups (hot and healthy), the smell of the leaves burning,no humidity, playing outside without dieing from the heat,volleyball,softball, playing catch with the dog.. I love the Fall and always have, then Spring, then Winter.. and last.. Summer.. I really don't like temps over the 60's. By the way.. my dog's name is Autumn..

Zirbel25 said...

and fall means halloween parties! yay!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I also love the fall..summer is overrated!!

Sarah said...

Kzirbel brought up a good point -- I see my friends a lot more in the fall -- when the beach trips and family camping vacas are in the past! We throw an awesome Halloween party!!! We go to the Haunted Hayride!!! We squeeze in a Yankee and Ranger game here and there. I think that might be the best part of ALL!

manya said...

I already miss summer and it hasn't even gone yet. To quote a comic strip character "I miss summer so much I can hardly breathe." Yes, I love that we have 4 seasons, each with its own qualities BUT they can't all be SUMMER. I can feel the days shortening, the shadows are longer, the Canada geese flying in, the water cooler. Soooo sad. Summer makes me chase her down when winter feels like she's been here too long.