Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Pick-Up Artist

You may think I’m CRAZY, but I think this guy has GOT IT GOING ON.

Sure, he wears more make-up than I do, but he IS the pick-up ARTIST for a reason.

Or… even FIVE reasons according to Chrissie Lynn.

1. It’s all in the name!
This guy goes by “Mystery.”
Come on ladies, who would you rather talk to “John Smith” or MYSTERY!!???

2. He’s super tall.
This could be a Chrissie Lynn only rule, but when a guy walks in the room and you can see him over everyone else, you have to take notice.

3. The GAME pieces
He’s ready for a game fetch. One lady can steal his sunglasses, while the other can prance around in his fuzzy hat. When there’s so many things to steal off this guy, the usual awkward silences don’t have a chance. “So uh... where did you get that tiara?”

This is THE thing that Mystery has going on. Regardless of his ridiculous attire, and his LARGE amounts of make-up… he exudes CONFIDENCE. And that is SUPER sexy .

5. The quasi-lisp
So he’s super confident AND tall, this guy NEEDS something a little goofy to make him endearing and he’s got it. You can’t pick it up all the time, but occasionally he’ll speak with a slight lisp. But it’s not the kind that would cause you to be covered in slobber after exchanging numbers and your favorite shade of nail polish… it’s the kind that makes you take a second to look and listen a little better.

After all… he is the “Pick-Up Artissssttthhhht."


Sarah said...

No 5 -- that lisp is his part snake!

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