Monday, August 27, 2007


The Guy: 6’3, mid thirties, and no wedding band.

He was what my mother would call “strapping.”

And he was wearing pink.

It’s nice to see a guy who is okay enough with his masculinity that he’s willing to wear the color once reserved for Barbie dolls and Polly Pocket.

Pink SCREAMS confidence.

And as long as it’s NOT worn by a guy with a blowout and popped collar

I think
that PINK
definitely works.


Dirty Audi said...

I have to disagree (sorry Dr.)...
(see my post on Sarah's for explanation)

With few exceptions, the pink shirt wear-ers fall in the same category....

And ps...its not "Pink" its "Salmon"

Anonymous said...

I think that a guy wearing pink is fine. I mean, who cares? Do people really follow that whole pink is for girls, blue is for guys thing? My husband wears pink shirts! And as a matter of fact, I wear blue shirts every day- when I am working a "man's job." Should I give that up and become pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen?

Chrissie said...

I agree with that sentiment anon... it's archaic to think that colors are specific to genders.

That's why I say BRING IT.

The guy in the pink shirt proves he doesn't follow those old norms, making him that more MORE appealing.

Anonymous said...

pink became the "new black" long ago. i have a friend who wears pink shirts pretty much exclusively. i told him, "dude, you're trying too hard..."

i have nothing against pink shirts. but i don't think they scream masculinity or security as much as they quietly say, "somebody told me wearing pink is a good fashion statement... for now."

i just stick with black. black is the "old black", and it will always be the "old black", so i can always say i am not lamely following some pop-culture fashion trend.

though, proudly claiming i'm not following the trend is probably just as lame as following it. oh well...

i'm quite certain the color of a shirt means nothing substantial anyway. it's as superficial as the shirt.

Sarah said...

"somebody told me wearing pink is a good fashion statement... for now."

Hahah¡ That's so true!!!!