Monday, August 13, 2007

Read the MEN-U

When you start messing with my dinner plate, I demand a FAST on all things considered “acceptable” on a date.

It’s not about how you like your steak.
Or if you prefer the portobello burger to the sirloin

It’s about the RARE woman who asks for what she WANTS rather than what that guy sitting across the table expects her to get.

A date should be about the MEN-YOU want.

And hopefully you’re looking for someone open-minded enough to consider what’s coming OUT of your mouth more important than what you choose to put IN it.


the fat kid said...

This is my favorite metaphor yet...

Chrissie said...

thanks fat kid:)

tnmiller said...

I disagree. Peter Pan reference still wins.
+15 for sarah.

not sure why, maybe so she doesn't hate me so much.

Chrissie said...

well mr. miller, i think sarah is too proud to take your pity points;)