Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look here Routine -- I QUIT!

As I reclined in bed, watching my Tuesday lineup of wedding shows, I perplexed:

Is this routine getting old?

It was nearly enough to shake me from my half slumber and send me to the nearest 20-something hangout in search of something SUPER, something Sex In The City like. Nothing says glamorous more than hitting up a posh nightclub on a weeknight wearing a $500 pair of shoes.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that is NOT ME! (and not even close to realistic. A writer who can afford Manolo Blahniks?)

While my life may be set on the REPEAT cycle, it took a long time to configure this setting! Why mess with something that works? It's like the day I decided to put bleach in my whites... and ended up ruining my favorite tan skirt. Grey socks didn't seem so bad after all.

I pose the question to you. Is the 9-5 mold a precursor to this? If we set our course on mundane are we destined for unhappiness?

Is it time to QUIT the life that society makes for us? "There is an undeniable pleasure in ceasing to perform an onerous task. We deny ourselves unnecessarily too much of that pleasure, out of some abstract sense that quitting is bad." Read more from this NYTimes article HERE.

In contrast, Author David Myers says volunteering, religion, reflection, sleep, exercise, fulfilling work, thinking "happy," and a little progress every day should help you pursue the ultimate happiness. If only it were that easy!


Anonymous said...

mundane routine might not lead to unhappiness, but it certainly will lead to a loss of sensation...

i mean, anesthetic always "works", but that doesn't mean we shouldn't risk some discomfort every once in a while, lest we forget how to feel.

sometimes it's good to "mess" with it...

ruined tan skirts just open the opportunity for newer, better skirts.

Sarah said...

Wait, I kept wearing the ruined skirt ... so if I follow your analogy that means I'm a freak'n corpse. YIKES!