Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tinkerbell who?

There's a certain kind of guy out there who CAN'T break your heart.

I call him Peter Pan.

He's the man who likes you,
the guy who might even love you
but he's not "looking" for a girlfriend/wife/woman-at-all.

Call him the "eternal bachelor."
Call him "damaged goods."
Point out his "mommy" issues if you like... but one thing is still the same.


It's not YOU... it's HIM.

There's a certain kind of comfort in this realization.
You really can't be cute, smart, or funny enough to make this guy change.

There is NOTHING you can do to make him the marrying-type.

And thankfully for your ego...

There is nothing ANYONE can do to change him.

But I wonder...
Does this guy really exist?

Or is he bound to leave you licking your wounds when he finds someone else...
Someone perfect enough for him to fly far, far away from Never Never Land.

Leaving you alone and still hooked...



Sarah said...

In my experience, these guys use the "eternal bachelor" persona as a cover. They want women to accept them on THEIR terms. They aren't interested in YOUR terms (such as please don't hit on my sister while we are dating).

Some may never married.

But it's more likely that they will eventually settle down. I picture him with a wife who was immune to his game.

LnO said...

Im such a guy at the moment... and its just a phase... like everyone else i'd like to settle down one day... however for now or untill i say so, I'd like to remain the person i am and not change nor commit to any woman just for now. However, I do feel lonely at times and its nice to have someone's hand to hold whilst not giving up on singlehood. It maybe selfish but I always do make sure i make myself clear from the start as they do deserve to know that I'm not leading anyone on.

Sarah said...

If a guy was all about being single, I'd want to know why he was holding my hand. And, if his answer was that it's cause he's lonely, I'd tell him to go to the SPCA. Or call a 900 number.

You can say you aren't leading anyone on, but you are doing just that.

What do others think?

Chrissie said...

I actually agree with you Sarah, and my post wasn't about the guy who was lonely and hand holding so much as the guy who didn't need a hand to hold at all... the guy who wasn't lonely or seeking out a warm body.

I was referencing the other guy, the one who may actually NEVER want a woman around, but maybe that guy doesn't exist.

Or at least if he does, he's certainly not commentating on our blog today;)

Sarah said...

Chrissie, I know a guy who hasn't had a gf in years, who isn't too bad looking, and has some great qualities. He just doesn't seem interested in women, and NO, he's not gay. But I do think, VERY occasionally he hooks up, which leads me to believe that ALL people have needs. You just don't want to get caught on the other end of his NEEDs.

tnmiller said...

I'd love to contribute to this discussion but I'm still in a trance from Chrissie's nostalgic yet eloquent play on words.
15 points awarded to Chrissie.

Chrissie said...

Oooh! 15 points for me!!!

Take that Sarah;)

Sarah said...

Figures the sports intern awards points

tnmiller said...

Ouch! Today is my last day! Be nice!