Friday, September 14, 2007

Code Red Clothing?

"We don't have a dress code. We rely on our employees to use common sense, good judgment and good taste," Mainz said. "It's so rare for us to have to address a customer's clothing issue."

So after at least two women have been scolded for their choice of dress by Southwest Airlines, I have to wonder…

Who exactly are these “employees”
And how is it that THEIR common sense can tell a woman what to wear?

I don’t have a problem with dress codes.
I understand that while at work we don’t wear mini skirts and cleavage tops.
I get that going from "beach-wear to restaurant-wear" may take a little planning (bikini-tinis are fine, but bikini-tops are not).

What I DO have a problem with is some random employee telling me what is appropriate based on their opinion of fashion when I may have an important flight I can’t miss.

I’d never wear the 3 inch mini-skirt anywhere… ever.

But then again I’m not 5’10 and 100lbs.

Regardless, I wouldn’t want “Keith” telling me I couldn’t.

If a company has “standards," of dress, then it should have a dress code that is followed by everyone… always…. rules are rules.

They shouldn’t be subject to one’s opinion.

Especially if that opinion revolves around someone else’s body.

"What really tops the whole story off is that Ebbert wore the same outfit on the return flight to San Diego later that day. A female flight attendant also took note of it, according to Ebbert.

“I was complimented by the stewardess on my return flight,” she said.


Chrissie said...

Quick note: I once thought I was being singled out for a "dress code violation" when I found a copy on my desk upon arriving at work.

I was livid.

How DARE they? I'd been known to sew my v-necks a little higher to avoid this very thing!

Turned out, I wasn't the ONLY one who had gotten a copy.


I was just one of the few people whose co-workers within the department had been kind enough to deliver my mail.


Jared said...

Step 1: "JetBlue Airlines: We've never thrown a Hooters waitress off a flight for wearing a miniskirt"

Step 2: Profit.

Sarah said...

Airlines should spend more time banning carry-on food that SMELLS. I can't tell you how many times I've sat near the person who decided to unwrapped a hot salmon sandwich! Barf!

Chrissie said...

Everyone is ticking me off... because this post hasn't ticked anyone else off except me.

A woman (however scantily clad) was told to GET OFF OF A PLANE OR CHANGE HER CLOTHES.

I doubt that if a man were sitting there with his too tight top revealing a bit of paunch that anyone would say, "Excuse me sir, but your large stomach is offending some of the other passengers."

AND on top of it being a "girls only club," don't we feel SAFER with passengers wearing LESS clothing rather than more?

I'd be more apt to have the person in the puffy jacket with all its hiding places kicked off... than the girl who can't even hide her chapstick in her skirt pocket.

Anonymous said...

the human body can be a beautiful thing, if taken care of.

why do we punish those who do take care of their body, and are beautiful, and aren't afraid to show it?

why is showing some skin so objectionable?

i've seen so many ugly slobs on flights, people who treat their body like a garbage disposal, but i don't see them getting pulled from the plane.

does southwest have a policy regarding general disgusting-ness?

"uhm, i'm sorry sir. you're just too disgusting for this flight. it's in our policy. go away and come back once you've bathed."

eh, whatever. the problem here is that somebody complained. probably out of jealousy. there's always somebody out there, wherever you go, who has nothing better to do than to concern themselves with the lives of other people and complain about them.

these are the saddest people in the world. because more often than not, what they complain about, is what they want to be.

if i were on that flight, i certainly would not have complained (i'm a guy). in fact, when i saw her crying in her seat, i would have attempted to meet her by offering consolation and sympathy for her plight. and once i had successfully opened the set, i would cheer her up with some pre-planned jokes, and then i would top it off with some playful kino-escalation...

hey, you gotta take advantage of opportunities;)

vanessa said...

If I recall correctly, the funny thing about the whole story was that it was a man telling her she was a skank and needed to cover up.

And her boobs werent even hanging out.. her cheeks were very close to being revealed however.

This guy is either gay, or very unhappily married.

Anonymous said...

i could be wrong, but i think i read somewhere that another passenger complained to the flight attendant, and so the flight attendant took action.

so, "keith" might be an innocent lackey in this incident... though he did rebuke her quite disrespectfully.

Chrissy said...

Wow weird story! In B-school Southwest Airlines is a case study for us about excellent customer service, on time flights and an ethical business model.

I can see how what she was wearing may have offended the people around her. Objectively sometimes you have to think about other people.What the airline should have done is make it known that they have certain rules that make them a family airline. It was wrong for them to just randomnly threaten to pull of a person from the flight.

Zirbel25 said...

I think the story that the young lady gave is a little shady. I find it hard to believe that such a big company would put themselves at risk for a lawsuit for something that was not a legitimate complaint. There is probably more to it than what she is talking about or maybe she is blowing out of proportion how she was addressed.
Maybe she was told that her outfit was inappropriate. I doubt she was threatened to be removed from the flight. I mean think about it, if someone complained about it, it is the duty of the workers to address it. If they didnt, then someone else would have made a big deal about lack of service. Sometimes dealing with the public, you just cant win.
I am a female and I am all about being proud of your body and being beautiful, more power to you. But there is a line. And not saying she crossed it but IF there was some woman with her crotch hanging out of her skirt or something, nobody wants to look at that for a few hours on a flight. Ok well maybe the guys do, but kids and stuff. Come on, someone is looking for some publicity or looking to sue and make some easy money.
Just my opinion, I see people making false accusations all the time. It seems to be an american way of life these days.

Sarah said...

I agree w/ Kzirbel. At some point, you have to realize that you don't have to reveal anything to look nice.

+ What about cleanliness? What if this woman wasn't wearing underroos and you sat in the seat after her? You KNOW those airlines don't really clean between flights!