Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cupid the Con Artist

For the sake of this blog
(okay, okay and MAYBE my lackluster love-life).

I took it upon myself to endure a 2 week stint on Cupid.com.

And I didn’t even make it a full 2 weeks.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Regardless of the age range you put in for what you’re seeking, men old enough to be your grandfather will still message you. (and their comments may remind you of the usual "dirty old man" routine you find elsewhere).

2. If you thought you could take it slow through all of the online features, then this is not the case. “Hi I’m Mr. So&So, what’s your name? Can I have your number.” This never works in real life… and it doesn’t work for me… online either.

3. If you thought the majority of people who sign up for online dating services are desperate and lonely or workaholics, you are correct!

4. All those assumptions that unattractive people put up blurry 10-year-old pictures of themselves… are also true!

5. If you exchange AIM names with people, they will become your AOL-Stalker… so if you ever hope to chat with your friends, they will surely be badgering you with “Hey, you there? Where did you GOOOoooo?”

I’ve always said that online-dating services add a lot of pressure
they don’t let nature take its course
and you’re likely to find a date with someone who just wants someone
not particularly you.

(Horror story of over-zealous Cupid-Stalker to come tomorrow)!!!


The guy with a cooler Audi said...

At what point do you take chat "buddies" to the next level and block them on AIM? More importantly, how do you respond if you're caught blocking somebody, for example a friend of a friend?

Chrissie said...

I think you're in your right to block a chat buddy on AIM if they choose not to respect your "i'm actually busy right now and can't chat" response to their myriad "HELLOOOOSSS."

If someone assumes that your time revolves solely around them and you just met (but not really) then it says they are needy, clingy, and need a hobbie other than putting you on buddy alert.

And so what... you're "caught" blocking someone... you did it for a reason so do you really care if they know?

Chrissie said...

AH HA! I just remembered to drives the "cooler" Audi.

I think I saw that guy with a pink hat and a popped collar on Friday night;)

the guy with the paint-oxidized cavalier said...

i saw that guy too... what a tool.

and what makes your audi "cooler"? does it have more length...?

oh my i shouldn't post this...

Chrissie said...

Err... um... let's get back to online dating.


Anonymous said...

my friend did it... and he brought home a monster that terrorized our harmonious circle of friends for over a year.

thumbs down for online dating.

vanessa said...

I did online dating when I was about 15. Not that I joined cupid.com but I would stay online for 7 hours a night talking to my "boyfriend" whom I had met in a chat room, that lived in Iowa that I had never met before, or even knew what he looked like, but he "loved" me. I was almost addicted to seeing how many online friends i could make at that time. haha. I guess I was desperate for attention back then. It was also reassuring that people called you "amazing" just on personality alone.

vanessa said...

by the way I love your cupid.com profile. Maybe you havent found anyone worthwhile because you havent stated what you're looking for... but then again, do you even know?

Chrissie said...

actually i have said what i'm looking for, but i don't know if i can find it on there...

i specified that i wanted a:

college graduate
who likes steak and red wine

what did i get?

60+ years old
"lives at home"
and vegetarian


Anonymous said...

LOL, I love it... Actually, I love the being blocked... WAIT all you have to do is make another screen name and... IM the person whom blocked you as a total different person... Then the conversation starts to turn into one you already had with this other person... As you start to ask questions... The 'new' screen named person... All of a sudden says BRB... But wait why didn't they ever come back after asking questions... light bulb flips on, I was asking just enough questions for this person to know I caught on and I KNOW the'NEW' AIM screen name is from YOU... BUT wait why are you on this screen and I signed on to other and you aren't there... Doesn't ANYONE GET THE HINT??? Nope guess NOT...
Now there is a little eye I never knew about... Hit that look I can see everyone online and I NOW can pick and choose who I talk to... Now I don't have to BLOCK anyone I just keep my little eye closed... hmmm... Now no more annoying IM's YAY, AIM you did something RIGHT...