Wednesday, September 12, 2007


After a few weeks of chatting, I was ready for the “next move.”


So, he was out with friends, I have friends… and what better thing to do than meet up for a casual Wing Night at Darby’s??? (ooops, I forgot I hate Darby’s...).

Anyway, his picture had him looking tall, dark and handsome.
He claimed to be a 27-year-old teacher who had traveled the world.

Who showed up at Darby’s ? ? ?

A 40-something who hadn’t shaved in months and had that “blue collar” look about him.

Anyway, Mr. B C (Blue Collar, Bastard Cupid, Big Creep... whatever works) greeted me warmly.


I, however, was horrified.

Conversation was at a standstill and I pulled the “turn my back to you and talk to my friend” move.

Although it works well on people you’ve literally just met, the guy you’ve chatted with for hours on end doesn’t take the hint so well.

What I learned?

Unless you MEET someone and FALL FOR HIM… it’s not going to happen.

Cupid distributes arrows for ONE reason.
They are not for “inflicting” singles with love.

They are for carrying around in your purse for protection.


Jared said...

I propose you go on a few more of these Cupid dates, find an excuse to take your date's picture, and post a profile/real life side-by-side comparison on the blog and let us critique their honesty.

Chrissie said...

Hmm... that could be VERY interesting.

Although a friend of mine recently said, "So Chrissie, do you think your blog will eventually make you UN-DATE-ABLE because of its exhibitionism?"

I had to say yes.

As I've already gotten quite a few people who text message me throughout the day with "Nice blog." (And not in a good way;)

Although I think your idea is one of those things that could work if enough time passes... these people will soon forget me.

Sarah said...

At least you didn't lock yourself in a bathroom to escape an Internet match from hell. Err... Not that I ever did something like that before!

Mario said...

I think Jared's idea is great. But I think it would work even better if you wrote on your profile that you will be publishing photos of those who you believe have engaged in gross misrepresentation.

That could scare them off to begin with. (Though, I imagine creeps don't scare too easily.)

And about your blog making you "UN-DATE-ABLE" -- yes, it will scare off all anti-intellectual men afraid of a woman with an opinion.

But "smart girls" have been dealing with that forever. I thought it was supposed to be a good thing.

Just don't kiss and blog, and you should be fine :-)

Chrissie said...

gotta love the quotation marks around "smart girls."


Mario said...

Well, I'm quoting from the phrase: "Boys don't like smart girls."

I don't mean them as scare quotes :-)

vanessa said...

Mario's idea is great. You should definitely put a disclaimer on your profile... So maybe that picture was of mister BC when he was actually 27? Or possibly its his son? I would have been upfront with him and asked him what else he lied about? Most men dont take interrogation or embarassment well, possibly he would have gotten the hint if you shot him down loudly and abruptly.

vanessa said...

How long DID it take him to get the hint?

Chrissie said...

Not very long.

I will be honest, this was during my first "stint" with (about a year ago).

Our "online" conversations pretty much stopped immediately after meeting.

I have enough trouble keeping in touch with people that I WANT to be around;)

vanessa said...

Yeah tell me about it sister.(Ahem, call me)

Oh, did you go to the Wine Fest, any luck with prospectives there?

Sarah said...

Chrissie, I have found a better dating service and perhaps a better match ;-0

Guy with the popped pink collar driving the cooler Audi said...

I feel you should work as a date doctor, you know, like Hitch, but in real life. I think guys would pay big bucks for some of this advice... not to be greedy or anything :).

Anonymous said...

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