Friday, September 28, 2007

Damaged is good

By the time we reach our mid-20s it’s easy to consider each and every one of us damaged goods in some capacity.

What if our new suitor discovers our past?
Truly knows who we were...
before we became half of the us we now find ourselves in???

From sharing numbers to discussing why we’re so bitter...
the past still exists
behind that door we’d rather keep closed.

Slammed shut.
Bring on the bolts.

But that door is both an exit
and an entrance.

Proof that...
We've seen.
We've experienced.
We've felt.

And I'll always believe that it's better to feel something...

(however disappointing it may be)

than nothing at all.

Because we're still good.

Despite all that damage.


Mario said...

Have you ever bought an item made of real leather and found a tag included that says something about the marks you may find not being a defect but instead occurring naturally during the life of the animal and evidence of the genuineness of the product?

Men and women are the same way. The marks on your heart come from the equivalent of the barbed wire you've brushed up against.

So forget about "damage" -- it's a mark of authenticity.

Anyone without this kind of scarring most likely has never really lived, and is probably only a cheap knockoff of a human being.

Chrissie said...

Nice comparison.

I consider damaged goods to be the old souls.

They're much more interesting to be around and have a lot of insight about those things that matter.

If you haven't experienced pain, you can't know how good it feels not to suffer.

Anonymous said...

It's not damage, it's experience. If you let it permeate your existence in a damaging way, then it is the former, of course.

The best is to remember that you are existent NOW. Then your past should seem much less daunting, and your future, less susceptible to the pitfalls already encountered.

Chrissie said...

"It's not damage it's experience..."

Doesn't pain lead to damage?

Sure, the scars may heal... but they are scars nonetheless.

Thomas G Henry said...

who isn't damaged?

folks shouldn't aspire to be or be with people that claim no scars because the imaginary immaculate elite has no context for interacting with the rest of us and is therefore ill-equipped to do so
(to reiterate what everyone else said, only confusinger)

i think a good way to discern creeps from keepers is to listen for lessons learned and leave those listing loss and drama

s'what they do on job interviews n what not... "here's my list of excuses n set backs" vs "here's how I overcame adversity..."

tho i s'pose that's just the same story told two ways

is it a perspective of growth we're looking for?

what was the question?

a stitch in time saves nine lives eleven dollar cat food coop buffet vegan agenda feel me?

Z said...

Well sometimes people just F-Up.

I would post a pic of John Cusack holding up a boom box here, but I am unable to post an HTML.

I can't contact you (other than this, and I don't want know) so can you please contact me?