Wednesday, September 26, 2007


WARNING: This blog is hazardous to the health of people suffering from HIDs, Humor Impairment Disorder.

How do you know if that's you?

If you took anything that has been written in the Odd Couple realm too seriously -- you have HIDs. I have a PH.D. in Learning to Laugh Science from Uptight University, so obviously I am qualified to diagnosis.

If you posted any comments with the words "spoiled," "brat," or cursed with characters such as "@" "#" or "&" -- you have HIDs. It says it right here in my "People Who Overreact" handbook.

If you continue to read this blog even tho you hate it -- you have an extreme case of HIDs (And we thank you for the Web page views. Please keep on reading, because how else will we keep statistics on the number of HIDs cases in the mid-Hud. Valley?)

There is no cure for HIDs, but before you get those tissues out, there's NEWS! The Odd Couple has received a grant from the New York State Association of Angry Bloggers, and we will be hosting "How to Dislodge Objects From Posterior Places" demos next week. Don't worry. We'll post a Web video for those who wish to remain (and have posted as) anonymous. Get started on the path of recovery here!

As to the angry e-mail I received after I had written about parking in fire lanes at grocery stores in a previous column, THAT'S JUST RIDICULOUS SIR. I can assure you, I only park in the fire lanes when all the handicap spots are taken!


Chrissie said...

I hear they have a new test for HIDs where you get your results in only 20 minutes.

Zirbel25 said...

Interesting you should post such a blog today.... I am wondering if I perhaps have this HIDs.... It is hard when you know the person posting a blog and you read it on a daily basis and try to post things to show support for that person, a friend.
It is difficult not to make assumptions of who the blogger is talking about. Especially when you know the person they are dating, friends with etc.

Example, the other night I listened to the radio broadcast that you can hear on your page... I found it hard not to be offended by the comment of "When you say you love hanging out with your boyfriend's friends, translates: They are very immature." Something to that effect. Well, myself, along with all of my friends... WE are "the boyfriend's friends." Am I taking these blogs too seriously? Maybe so. I try to seperate the friend that I know and the persona of this blogger as much as possible. But that is just something to think about when you say people think that you are always talking about them... sometimes its hard not to.

And not for nothing I have seen both of you apologize on here to people.

So maybe people need to lighten up, myself being included. But you also need to remember that you are putting yourselves out there for all kinds of presumptions. And people may presume that you are talking about your current boyfriend, an ex, or a friend that they may know personally, or even themselves.

It is wierd at times to read about the personal lives of people you know on a public forum. So maybe some people get sensitive... this is Poughkeepsie, you dont get any more small town that this. When you read posts on here that you think may be about you, of course you are going to get wierd about it, because you know that your friends are reading it too.

Chrissie said...


Thanks for your response... and a lot of what you've said is something I've considered.

And although I think it was Sarah who said the "your friends are very immature" comment... I can see how one may be offended by that.

Although, I think it came from a list Sarah used as a link in her post on that topic we discussed on the radio. I believe it was from ASKMEN.COM and it was "The Top 10 Lies Women Tell Men," or something like that.

So although you are the friends, and there are a thousand reasons that people may be offended by a blog about relationships when they have relations with the blogger, I guess the lesson isn't to NOT BE OFFENDED so much as to NOT ASSUME anything.

Now I'm rambling... but I also think that HIDs is something that people who don't know us tend to suffer from most.

After all, "I" and "Heather" are not names I recognize from my social circle...

Basically, what makes this blog fun is the fact that it could be about you... and I think that's why our friends continue to read it.

But thanks for your comment... and if I find any of my serious friendships/relationships truly threatened by the status of our blog, I'll hold my tongue a little more...

Or just hope that my friends press theirs a little harder against their cheeks

Mario said...

Even though Sarah wrote this post, I'm wondering how many of Chrissie's ex-boyfriends thought it was about them.

Chrissie said...


My thoughts exactly Mario:P

Chrissie said...

(And I've actually had a friend ask if I "posted under Sarah's name just so _ _ _ _ _ _ didn't think that post was about him").

Let me just say FOR THE RECORD:

I would NOT do that.

Anonymous said...

i only wish i could get a post about ME.

i'm just too damn... ugh, "nice"...

Sarah said...

HIDs Command Center we have A CODE WHAT THA HECK SITUATION here!

Right about now I’m wishing I volunteered to do the BOOK blog, at least I’d have some copies of “How to Meet New Friends” lying around.

Lesson one: Say “MY BAD” and move on.
EEeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttt! Do I look that smart to you? Oh no, no. I am going to open my mouth and spew out garbage. Because after I get fired from POJO and all my friends turn against me, I’ll need to pick up dumpster diving to take up all of that spare time.

Indeed, I was reading a list of things from an article, and in no way, do I find my boyfriend’s friends including zirbel25 immature (at least not anymore than I am). Nor do I care when they wear pink. Nor do I feel that all anonymous posters have HIDs (pls refer to the disclaimer). Nor do I believe CJ from KISS really thinks like Annie’s dog. However, I won’t take back what I said about Mr. Nice Guy. It’s true. (And he’s still single, ladies!!!!)

BUT, is all that really necessary?

I guess I need to repeat Chrissie's post today and make this clear for those who know me personally:

This blog is not about YOU. It’s about Me. It’s not about today, yesterday or even last week. It's about 26 years of MY experiences and (ex)boyfriends' friends – notice the s’ -- (plus the occasional “I didn't know what to post so I stole something from another Web site” material). The views here are not meant to cause commotion in thrilling P-Town.

What gets my goat is why this happened. Am I really that two-faced? to share stories over cocktails with people Saturday and then call them names on Tuesday? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t spend 2 seconds with someone like that.

HIDs stems from my defense of Chrissie and us “20somthing brats” who depend on “daddy’s check” (read her post from Tuesday). I was advocating for all strong-minded females who have been unfairly stereotyped -- only that backfired, didn't it?

zirbel25's comment was a WHOMP to my heart. I'm feeling very misunderstood, wishing I didn't have to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow, so that I could get hammered right now. I’m sorry if this blog made you feel that way too. (Damn, another apology, there goes my street credit!) And I'm still hoping that maybe, somehow, HIDs spreads via the World Wide Web, and tomorrow, I'll realize you meant the OTHER odd couple.

(Oh and Mom, “Hammered” means I want to put nails in a board, it's therapeutic! And I know you read this blog, even tho you say you LOATHE it. PLS, spare me the “I told you so,” And if this offended you in any way, I was talking about my other mom, duh!)

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Click here to see the AskMen post about immature friends.

RENAY said...

I too am friends with the "blog poster", and being her friend I know that Sarah does not use this website to bash her acquaintances. Yes, there’s definitely some venting going on, but that is what makes this site so interesting. AND you get to comment back!! I thought this site was to discuss general topics and things that make the bloggers and other people tick. It is rarely about someone specifically. And there may be touchy topics on here, but if it wasn’t controversial, who would want to read it?? I think what happened today highlights the point of today’s blog: that people shouldn’t take things so seriously, and everyone needs a good laugh once in a while!

Zirbel25 said...

Hold on, now... speaking of people being misunderstood...

My comment was in regard to a combination of Chrissie's last one; about people thinking the blog was about them, and Sarah's; about taking things too seriously.

The point I was trying to make is that when you know the blogger, it can be hard to not associate things that they are talking about with events and people that you know outside of cyberland....

And I merely gave an example. I did not say Sarah was taking a shot at her boyfriend's friends. I recall saying I can also be a guilty one of "taking things too seriously." Bringing up that example was to point out that when I heard that, I did rewind it and listen to it a couple times. And think to myself, wow did she really say that... am I being silly for considering this as an insult?

My point was not looking for an apology or even saying that is what was meant. It is from the outside, speaking in defense of those who may take some things you write on here to heart. (hence, Chrissie's last post)
And I will apologize for getting you upset Sarah, was not my intention. I was simply stating that assumptions are made from people you know and have relationships with. Did I make an assumption? Apparently so. I was just letting you know it can be easy to do so.

I like this blog. I read it and love to read people's points of view and see arguements of different angles. I was just giving you one on the other side thats all.

I would like to think of you as my friend, not just the boyfriend's friend...was I sensitive? Sure. But I think you misunderstood my post also.
I hope that you still dont feel the need to go binge drinking on a Wednesday. Okay well if you do, dont forget me... we immature people will drink any night of the week!!! (((((kidding!!))))

Sarah said...

Bureau of Medical Alarm,

You can write my name on that list of HIDs sufferers and sign me up for a viewing of that video, hopefully sooner rather than later.