Thursday, September 27, 2007

From Point A to Man C.

Am I Crazy in Love or Crazy for Loving Him?

At the catastrophic collapse of J. and I, I presented this LOVE conundrum to a professional trained to doodle Sponge Bob lookalikes while I recount the most horrific events of my life... including the time my brother made me eat pooh (which I'm now seeking shock therapy for).

Her conclusion: You tell me. (QUE?????)

That's when I thanked her for the stupindous counsel, which, no doubt, would help me develop a cure for the exploding toad phenomenon (Not A Lie). Then I walked out the door and dialed my insurance company to make sure this session was free. It was (phew). But the next one would cost me my dignity, the rep. said.

I felt defeated. I wasn't any closer to question A) Would I ever get over him? and question B) If I did, would I continue to attract losers like J. causing back-t0-back sessions with Dr. No Answers.

What I couldn't see then was C) You'll soon learn the significance of J. which will lead you to C. (the love, not the letter, of your life) and you can stop trying to fit your life's questions into Alphabetic symbols (because you're going to run out and have to use AA or B1, which the highway department does and it annoys the coleslaw out of me.)

Before you start calling me a Dr. No Answers WannaBe, try to remember this: There is hope at the end of the English language.

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