Wednesday, September 19, 2007


“Singlehood is no longer the place where people mark time until they find The One (or The Next One). More and more, people are living their single lives fully, rather than trudging through a phase they regard as merely transitional.”

Apparently, we get an entire WEEK to celebrate our one-ness with ourselves and boast to everyone who is taken why it rocks to be single, this week and the next.
Here’s how I will be celebrating…

1. Wine. Red wine and an immaculate apartment all to myself make me very, very happy.

2. I plan to see all of my closest friends before the week is out… I spent Sunday with my mom, Monday with ex-roomie, and Tuesday with the BFF, I’ll have to squeeze the wing-men in there sometime too...

3. I plan to dance around my empty apartment in my skivvies and listen to loud music that no one else likes: The Magnetic Fields, Tegan and Sarah, Britney Spears. All the while without the fear that some S/O will pounce and ruin my me-time.

4. I WILL do something fabulous this weekend that involves live music, overly expensive martinis, and obscene amounts of flirting.

5. I WILL kiss someone I’ve yet to meet… it’s my singles-week-end mission. (How exciting is THAT;) ???

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So singles, comment and make all those taken jealous with your weekly plans;)


Dottie Damage said...

oh thank god. someone else who likes the magnetic fields and tegan and sarah...and dancing and drinking wine alone!
i will be on the beach this weekend, without one single person who wants to sleep with me, and that's just the way i want it.
also, made out with a certain boy that i just met....which was satisfying.

Chrissie said...

ohhhh dottie, you're a girl after my own heart;)

come back to po-town soon.

because being single is fun... especially when you have your other single friends to hang out with;)

Joe said...

Ahh, red wine alone in my house. Especially nice when it's getting cooler outside.

I didn't even know about this so called singles week, but now that you've said something I'll have to milk it for all it's worth.

Anonymous said...

I like being single.
Not for the flirting aspect, or partying, but more for the fact that I am left alone and can do WHATEVER I want to all day everyday.
I don't have anyone intruding in on my hobbies or MY time that I have and enjoy outside my (young) adult responsibilities.
I don't have someone saying:
"When are you coming over?"
"What are you doing?"
"I'm having a bad day, and I need someone to talk to"
blah blah blah. Men are kind of needy and I am kind of selfish ;)

I have the rest of my life to be with someone else, sharing my life with them.
So for now I am enjoying having my life all to myself.