Friday, September 28, 2007

How good are damaged goods?

I'm a dented can of cream corn.

I grew up poorer than mayonnaise. I once told my bff that wearing my winter parka inside my home (which ranked second to Alaska in the 1999 Cold Contest) was part of an innovative diet sworn effective by Katie Holmes herself.

I grew up in a family with more dysfunction than cloned beef. What do you say to a dad whose three-month crack-smoking "phase" sent your college tuition fund up in smoke? (Thankfully, he is no longer purchasing rocks with my future.)

I grew up pretending to belong in a different aisle. I was Susie, the girl with the backyard pool, two Labs (Coco and Muffin) and a dad who coaches JV soccer.

Some (like the author of "Stop the Cycle of Crazy Chicks") would say that misshaped tin is a sure way to get soiled underwear and a second viewing of your lunch.

I say, Why not save 10 percent off your grocery bill? Why buy the silver spoon (which requires polishing, might I add), when you can get the damaged can at a discount and slurp its creamy, delicious insides?

What's your view on damaged goods?


Alice said...

I don't think you're damaged. If you were damaged, you wouldn't be the smart, funny, fantastic person you are today. You'd be bitter and scary and not fantastic at all.

I don't think bad situations at home or in the past define us as broken or damaged. It's how we deal with them.

And people who can't deal with that? Forget them.

Chrissie said...

There's nothing more endearing than the wounded puppy... which explains my recent dating woes perfectly;)

And on my budget I'll buy all the dented canned veggies the area has to offer...

Wait... that came out wrong...

Sarah said...

Maybe the answer to yesterday's post was to try a canned veggie a day (dented or not) but stay away from the peas, they are just gross!

(Thank you, Alice, for peeling the label off my dented exterior to show my shinny other layer! You are my fav. roomie, even if you say hello to me at 6 a.m., before I've had coffee.)

(Oh and sorry canned pea lovers, I didn't mean to mash your tastes. See HIDs post!)

Anonymous said...

That book gave me the creeps! Damaged and deranged are two very different things! Damage happens to everyone in one way or the other, it's about learning from these experiences that happen to you, and learning to adjust in the most positive way possible.

Chrissie said...

I love the categories of "damaged women" and how it ends with "predator."

It's one thing to say, "yep... I dated another girl who had thought all men were cheaters."

It's quite another to say, "yep... I dated another chick who tried to slice my leg with a pair of scissors."

Anonymous said...

Did your Dad really have a crack binge?

Sarah said...

Yes, it was right over his holy roller period (which thankfully lasted longer). In fact, he was helping a drug addict get "saved" when the whole thing backfired.

She ended up teaching him how to have out-of-body experiences... and so, the point of this post is, there is no such thing as cashing daddy's check. I don't know a bank in the US that would let him open an account.

Anonymous said...

Dented corn is OK. Bulging cans'll put a hurtin' on ya.