Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I bet you think this blog is about you…

Don’t you?

Every man I’ve “dated” since this blog began has been convinced that nearly each and every entry was about him.

If I wrote about love unrequited, he assumed I loved him.
If I wrote about tweeners, I or he was specifically being tweened at that time.
If I wrote about cake eaters, and nice guys, and fruit loops it all somehow went back to
that guy who was in my life.

But the truth is this.

However "un-dateable"this blog may make me…
The entries found within it are the product of time and circumstance.
The product of a whole life: past, present, and future…
all before or after him.

Just because you’ve tweened me, doesn’t mean I haven’t been tweened before.
And just because you’re Peter Pan, that doesn’t mean you live all alone in Never Never Land.

These entries are universal in their appeal for one main reason...
They are the product of relationships in general.

Not necessarily all of MY interactions.

So the next time you assume that I’m staking out your work place, or outing your dirty laundry in public, realize this:

YOU are NOT the only person in my life.
YOU are not my muse.

But my oh my…
You’re so vain.


Sarah said...

I can't believe you think that I think that your posts are about ME!

Chrissie said...


well sarah, you're sooooooo vain, it's pretty obvious how you think.

get out of your myspace bubble and get into the real world why don't ya;)

Sarah said...

I would but my daddy's check hasn't cleared yet!

Guy with the popped pink collar driving the cooler Audi with the pretty pinkie finger said...

i question the confidence and security of a person that perceives each blog entry to be about him!

But really, you only dated those guys to build up good material for us readers, right :)?? Just think about what you'd be doing all day and night if you didn't have the diverse experiences!

Chrissie said...


You're right.
It's all fodder for the memoir;)