Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Keep your single friends close

We piled in my SUV in search of ladies night FUN. What we got was:
-- A bar with a good band and no people.
-- A bar with a banjo and lots of odd people.
-- And, after driving from Pok-Newburgh-New Paltz, a bar with a DJ and four people in their late 30s trying to do the electric slide to "Party Like a Rockstar."

The problem: 1) College was out. 2) It was raining. 3) The Yankees were playing.

But the NO. 1 Factor against us: We have been out of that scene for four years.

We had no idea what bars are good on what nights.

Had one of us been single, I'm pretty sure she would have been able to provide a list of what bands/DJs play where, what the scene is like, who the bartenders are, if the crowd is cool and what the specials are.

Heck, she probably would have given the bouncer a kiss hello, and in we went, had there been even a slight line.

Lesson learned -- consult w/ my single, bar hoping, beer chugging friends before a ladies night out!


tnmiller said...

come on! get with it! darby's on thursday, foxhole on friday, and mahoney's the rest of the week!

and noah's whenever because it's the best place ever!

tnmiller said...

oh yeah, and rennie's on mondays. forgot about that. mug night.

Chrissie said...

Maybe I'm a snob, but here's my picks:

Monday: Anywhere except Mahoney's (lets just say I have my reasons).
Tuesday: Stay in... it's TUESDAY.
Wednesday: See ABOVE
Thursday: Anywhere in New Paltz.
Friday: Shadows early followed by Mahoney's late-night.
Saturday: Newburgh waterfront
Sunday: A little hair of the dog that bit you at Mahoney's, again... EARLY so that you can make it to work on time;)

I don't like to go places with the word "Hole" in their name... and Darby's to me always feels like the place people go, because THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GO.

Although, I might hit up teen-night locally to do a little dancing in front of people who don't know me... you in Sarah;)

Sarah said...

Chrissie, when I go out, especially to Darby's and New Paltz, it feels like teen night every night :)