Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet a “NICE GUY!”

Chrissie’s recap of an actual nice guy!
I get a lot of grief for my “man-hating” ways.
I can’t say the words
nice and guy together without making little quotation marks with my fingers.

Yes. I’m bitter.

But there’s hope!

As that guy points out in The Secret, we get from people what we expect…
what we choose to give back…
it encourages, “the practice of joy and gratitude as a way of life.”

So in light of this
(and because of my hope for something nice in return)
I’m planning to illustrate my encounters
(however few and far between) with actual nice guys.

They do exist.
Sure, they aren’t dating me… but they are out there;)

Nice Guy #1 – The Cab Driver

ME: “Excuse me sir… can you take me to __________ street in Hyde Park for 13 bucks? That’s all we have left.”

CABBIE: “Let me check… Yep. You’re in luck, it’s exactly 12.50.”

ME: “But then I can’t tip you…”

CABBIE: “Don’t worry about that… just get in the car.

And so my friend and I threw ourselves in the van/cab and began ranting and raving at how appreciative we were… and how hungry.

FRIEND: “I wish we could afford McMac… I’m STARVING.”

(4th meal time: 3 a.m.)

ME: “Me toooooooooooooooooo!”

So we picked up a slew of Culinary girls on our way north and CABBIE had to sign all sorts of security papers in the security office. I offered to help him with the clipboard and even asked if I could be his “assistant” by riding shotgun.

He left us to our own devices while he went into the security office to finalize the “SAFE RIDE” paperwork and even locked the doors so we’d “be safe” too.

And upon his return, he proved to be a NICE GUY.

For with him... he brought
a pizza for us.
Courtesy of the Culinary’s very own kitchens.
Roasted red peppers, red onion, and mushroom.
Presented perfectly into our hungry hands.

Looking the gift-horse right in the mouth I said:


So the CABBIE went back in the security office and heated up our pizza…

But the real proof of a nice guy???

He didn’t even want a slice.


Mario said...

Mr. Nice Guy brought you a pizza and you complained, "But it's cold"? And on hearing that he ran off to warm it up for you? Impressive.

Your blog entry needs only one thing more to make it complete...

Post a picture of your pouty face.

Chrissie said...

Maybe that's all it takes... a little pouting and I'll get what I want.

I always knew men liked women who "needed" them.


Anonymous said...

excellent use of the "gift horse". i always acknowledge when somebody uses this idiom appropriately, since nobody ever seems to know what it means. this will be the second time in my life that i've acknowledged its proper use.

i see you provided a link... good thinking;)

Anonymous said...

continuing that point, i once asked a guy if he know what the idiom meant, and he said, "yeah, it means to be wary of 'gifts' you receive, because the gift might actually be intended to harm you." amused, i asked, "why do you think it means that?" he said, "well, because if you look the gift horse in the mouth too closely, it might bite you."

i laughed and laughed.

Mario said...

And as to your pout -- I'm thinking it's a little less like Dorothy Gale's, and a little more like Veruca Salt's.


Anonymous said...

Save a cab ride a Ralphie! (he's nice too)

Chrissie said...

that's me anon, i'm an idiom guru... you can thank my mom for that:)

so where are all the "nice guy" examples... get on the chrissie train and ride it.

or a ralphie haha!