Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ms. Fun, but never Mrs.

"Want to go out this weekend"
"What are you doing TONIGHT?"
"You at Mahoney's?"
"I'm out, where are YOU! I assumed you'd be here."

Above you will find the many messages I receive from my female friends who are in relationships... usually between 5 p.m. Friday and 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

VERY seldom, do those with boyfriends, send the "What are you doing toDAY?" text messages.

Because daytime things are for couples.
And as a single woman, I apparently represent the "other half."

Ya know, the half whose company is sought when those girls with men need an escape.

They need to have fun... and I'm supposed to bring it.
So my phone is silent most of the day.

When it's beautiful outside
and all I want to do is have conversations over coffee,
I know I have to do that alone...

Because apparently my conversation
and my life are entertainment better served in a martini glass.


Anonymous said...

My situation is just the opposite. I ONLY see my friends who are in relationships during the DAY, never at night. They come out for the occasional day-time shopping spree or the ladies lunch-date. But by 7pm, they're with their men. They're never at a bar, with me, after-dark (I wish!)

Chrissie said...

Hmmm... I never thought about it that way.

Maybe I'm lucky that they come out on the weekends at all, although I'd sometimes rather they stay home when they bring "him" along.

Nothing ruins a girls night like a long-faced, overtired boyfriend who is missing his favorite line-up on CBS.

Vanessa said...

Yeah I think anon is right in the fact that women in relationships like to be home with their man by 7pm so we can have dinner together and snuggle on the couch watching our evening line up together before we go to bed.

Also, I recall calling you last week to see if you would like to hang out on saturDAY without a returned phone call from you! If you want a brunch date you got it! I hate going out late night, especially since my bedtime is 11pm... and to think I'm 23... going on 40.

Chrissie said...


Alright, you did... but I already had plans with my sister;)

Zirbel25 said...

I went through this with my girlfriends... getting mad at me when I got a boyfriend for not going to the bars 5 nights a week, or going home at midnight instead of 4am. Its just something that happens. The bar scene gets old. Girlfriends get bitter, but then they get with the right guy and find themselves doing the same thing that they were upset about.

chrissynb said...

So totally relatable....except Im sure I have been reminded not to complain by my gf's in relationships because apparently I did the same thing....and I completely agree with the bringing the bf along....can never hav a proper girls night out then

Chrissie said...

I am appending this post with a message to my friend Lauren (who was upset).


Our not seeing one another often is the product of opposite schedules, living/working an hour away from one another, and poor time management.

You'd never let your HUBBY stop you from doing anything you WANT to do, so don't fret.

And I sorta like serving my life to you in a martini glass sometimes... because honestly after hearing some of my stories EVERYONE is in need of a stiff drink;)


Sarah said...

Chrissie, now that I am older, I prefer to do different things w/ my girl friends like weekend getaways. Usually these center around food, wine and shopping.

Sounds like what you need is a good wing(wo)man. Unfortunately for you, females (taken) don't make good wingmen. Sure a guy (taken) will stay out till 4 a.m. with his single friends, reliving the glory of his past freedom. But a girl (taken) doesn't look back. She realizes at 4 a.m., the only place she should be is home in her bed.

Chrissie said...

A "good" wing(wo)man ???

I suppose I can try to find one, but if my luck with wing(wo)men is like my luck with MEN in general, I might stick to Starbucks and a good book on Saturday afternoons.

(Although, while I relished in my coffee and book this last weekend, a man with extremely tight jean shorts tried to pick me up... NOTE TO MEN IN DAISY DUKES: The book may be a conversation starter, UNLESS SHE CONTINUES TO READ WHILE YOU ARE SPEAKING TO HER. Hmmph).

Sarah said...

That rule applies to everyone who tries to talk to a person who is reading -- single and taken.