Friday, September 21, 2007

My Golden Rules

When it comes to dating I can think of 3 very important rules to live by:

Rule #1: Don't lose yourself
It seems easy enough... but many fall victim to the dating zombie. They forget their friends, they forget their own interests, and they forget that they are a person too... even BEFORE they met him. If you suddenly love only him and all the things he loves, he's bound to get bored loving you... how much fun can talking about each other really be?

Rule #2: Don't date your friend's EX
An old rule... but my version has a different twist: Don't date your friend's EX for no reason. If you don't see it going anywhere worthwhile, then get out and maintain that friendship. But if it's something that may make you happy in the future, then go for it. My old BF and BFF got together 4 years ago and they're still going strong... people get over their initial anger (or at least I did;)

Rule #3: Don't listen to my advice
Who am I to make rules? I've only learned from my own experiences... and however entertaining they may be, they aren't things I'd recommend anyone else going through.

What are YOUR rules?
And do YOU agree with MINE?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i agree with #3.

haha... just kidding;)

but seriously, #3 is good.