Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My mom cares, that's who....

But I'll tell you anyway...

When anyone asks how we met, they get the shortened, politically correct version. Below is both the half and the (full) story.

We were both "out" (at Mahoney's) (and both drunk) when we started talking (I made him show me his license because I thought he must have bribed the bouncer to let him in) (He was thinking "look at the rack on this girl") (I may have been showing some tasteful cleavage).

We talked the whole night (OK, maybe it was more like one song) and swapped phone numbers (only he didn't remember he gave me his business card because he was THAT drunk). I said I would call him (then we swapped more than digits). I left gracefully (my best friend pulled me out of there) and dreamed about him the whole night (Or at least I would have, if I hadn't passed out). The next morning, he woke up smiling (and wondering if I was even good looking). That afternoon, after leaving him a voice mail message I thought, he was nice (but I bet he doesn't call me).

And that, my friends, is our romantic first encounter.

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