Thursday, September 13, 2007


So I know when you’re single.

And when you’re taken.

And the rest of the 1,385,000,200,2820,028 people in your “network” do as well.

I think social networking sites are a disaster waiting to happen to relationships (and un-relationships).

After you’ve been dating for months, he’s suddenly LIVID that you WONT CHANGE YOUR STATUS!

And that girl who loves you but you don't know, is at home crying because some chipmunk-looking girl left you the "MUAH Miss You <3" comment.

Does Myspace (or Facebook ← for you TGH) put added pressure on those people who are “dating” or “tween-ingtheir way through a relationship?

And how long
is too long

for it to be wrong
to be with someone
and claim to the online world
that you’re still SINGLE ?


vanessa said...

hahahaha. That EXACT thing happened to me. My boyfriend and I were together for maybe 6 months to a year, and he was living with me... AND HIS STATUS ON MYSPACE STILL SAID SINGLE. I flipped out and he said its just myspace, and my reply was well i guess im just nobody. Needless to say he changed it, but only after we had broken up for other reasons, and then made up.

Anonymous said...

myspace is the devil.

Chrissie said...

the best is when your computer is 1,000 years old and you try to scroll down his "bling" page to see what the status is... and the 20 dollar hardrive can't handle it so it crashes right before you get your answer.

although i assume sarah would say, "if you have to look, you already know your answer."

NxBF :) said...

I mean this mostly for the cases where one is checking to see if their crush is in a relationship with someone else...

If you're trying to find out if they're in a relationship with... you... well...

if you have to ask.... you'll never kno.

That said, the status is sort of irrelevant. If someone cares enough they'll do the research (aka moderate stalking :) and figure it out for themselves.

If you have to ask, you either already know or you shouldn't know (because you're not a significant enough player in their life to be privy to those details).

But, again, from the outside looking in... a quick scan of the comments and some clear headed calculation (ie - not paranoid) and one can put the pieces together pretty well (no matter what the status says).

I guess it comes down to action speaking louder than words.

Sarah said...

My fav. Chrissie is the people who get away with putting "single" on their myspace, even tho they are far from it. Several of my friends have been in LENGTHY relationships, yet their men have claimed singlehood in cyberspace.

The most overplayed excuse: "I'm a private person." PLEEEEEEASE! You described your fav. movies, music, books, hangouts, philosophy of life, age, hometown, car you drive, and put together a slideshow of your abs. I think maybe you could mention you live w/ someone who tell you love everyday.

RENAY said...

I agree – I think myspace is the destructor of relationships. My boyfriend is in the entertainment business, and I try not to go onto his page because of all the stupid comments girls leave. But a few weeks ago I went against my advice and checked it out, only to find the “status” box completely removed. I confronted him and he explained that he didn’t want to deter his “fans” and that “many people in the entertainment business do that”. I proceeded to tell him that I’m not dating anyone else and therefore could give a rat’s a$$ what others do. I told him I could see the business logic, but on the other hand, I don’t recall not going to see a play or movie or comedy show because my favorite actor/comic was involved in a relationship!

Chrissie said...


I was referring to checking to see if a potential crush was in a relationship with someone else...

since some people may not have the best of luck, when someone seems "too good to be true..."

chances are, you know which bubble they checked;)

And to RENAY,

Next time your BF gives you that line, tell him that the Backstreet Boys and members of Nsync were told to deny their relationships publicly as well.

And look at how greatly that turned out...
They're either in rehab, unmarried, or... well then there's Lance...

tnmiller said...

Myspace ruins lives.
it's never happened to me, but i wear the shirt that says it to the bar.

NxBF :) said...

uh.... that's "NxBF :)"

I hate myspace said...

Myspace and I definitely have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it annoys the crap out of me, but for some reason I have this compulsion to sign on EVERYDAY! Stupid myspace.

It is the devil... I guess. I mean, I was seeing this guy in Florida for about two months, and it seemed as though it was going to go somewhere (like to the actual 'relationship' status). At the time I was new to myspace, so while we were hanging out I popped the question:

"Hey, do you have a myspace?"

The color in his face began to match my WHITE tang-top.

No answer.

"B****, do you have a myspace? Why is this such a difficult question?"

after about 5 minutes of staring at him with the most evil death stare I could possibly give.. and him making sure not to make eye contact with me...

"Yeah, just find me on there."

Well now being so suspicious and bursting with curiosity (and also to the fact why I had to 'find him' instead of him just giving me the name) I did just that! And there my friend I found out why Mr.B was so hesitant and pale at the myspace question....
He was seeing another girl at the same time, and she was actually his "#1 friend" on the stupid top friends list, and apparently after searching through previous comments, this was going on for a while.

Bye bye Br***, and thank you myspace.

(stupid myspace).

Chrissie said...

this whole "NxBF :)" thing is confusing me.

it's early now... maybe later on today after my coffee i'll understand, but for now, enough with riddles and prove yourself!

Chrissie said...

Oh, and to "I HATE MYSPACE," that guys a tool for not just saying "no."

Not to play devil's advocate or anything, but why even ADMIT that he had a profile at all?