Monday, September 24, 2007

The "N" word of dating

Those who know C. know I truly landed myself a definition "nice guy." That's all I heard about him during the 1st year: "You're C.'s girlfriend? He's so nice!"

Nice was not something that I was accustomed to. The nicest before C. was the guy who showed up to my family's Christmas Eve party with a half-eaten apple pie and blood shot eyes.

So, I THOUGHT a guy who was 1st described as the N word would never also fall into the category as "hot" or "masculine" or "contains a backbone."

I expected for C. to put on ballet slippers and swoon me with his twinkle toes. I prayed that Barry Manilow wouldn't started signing from C.'s radio. I hoped with all my might he wouldn't comment on the shade of pink of my lip gloss.

He didn't! Not even close.

What did happen is I learned how to be loved by someone who deserved my love in return. And this Christmas, my family is expecting the full pie.


Sean T. McMann said...

Don't bad-mouth Barry Manilow, Sarah! Don't bad-mouth Manilow!


Chrissie said...


promoting your OWN blog through OUR BLOG...

typical man.

don't you see our topics are about nice guys???

Sarah said...

Yesterday's a dream
I face the mornin'
Cryin' on a breeze
The pain is callin', oh Mandy

Anonymous said...

Umm, both of your blogs have been up for about the same time...I don't think promoting someone's blog from another blog is going to cause that much harm. I mean you promote other blogs off your website and vice versa. In fact, Sean promotes your blog off his!! So what's the harm? Since every blog is being promoted by every other blog on this website, does that make every man (or woman on here who has a blog) not a nice person? Then that would that make you not a nice girl, right??

whatever...I'm not even a fan of Barry Manilow but I'd take his music any day over the music that KISS FM plays. Ugh!

And that type of attitude, that every little thing a guy does is wrong (ie: cold pizza), will not get you off the singles list any time soon.

Chrissie said...

wow anon, taking LIFE SO SERIOUSLY must be tough.

Anonymous said...


I'm REALLY sorry for the post I wrote. Reading it back this morning, I'm thinking, "why did I write such a thing"? It's not like me at all and I feel like SUCH an idiot. It was very harsh and not fair of me. I guess I was just having a bad day and took it out on you :-( No hard feelings I hope.

Chrissie said...

No hard feelings ANON.

(After all... how can I hate an anonymous poster;)

And I'd be lying if I said you were the first to tell me I wouldn't soon be off the singles list.

But is warm pizza really too much to ask for?!?!


Anonymous said...

Ballet slippers, Barry Manilow and lip gloss - so, being a nice guy means you're also probably gay. Enjoy the cavemen, ladies! They're awesome!

Also, what are "tinkle" toes? Sounds disgusting.

Chrissie said...

why is everyone getting so passive aggressive when sarah and i are posting about nice guys ???

we're saying they DO exist.
we're disagreeing with all of the naysayers...

no one implied that dancing, manilow, or lip gloss made anyone gay either.

haven't you seen the pick-up artist? he wears more make-up than i do and he's as straight as they come.

Sarah said...

If only your reading comprehension skills were as great as your spelling abilities!

OK, I know that was harsh, but, HELLO, I was saying I assumed WRONG about nice guys.