Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Skinny enough, for now... almost

ME: "I need you to come over before we go out."

FRIEND: "Why, what's wrong?"

ME: "Nothing, I just don't know which top to wear."

FRIEND: "Well what do they look like?"

ME: "I've narrowed it down to the black maternity shirt or the floral old lady curtain top with the little cap sleeves."

FRIEND: "Um, go with maternity."

And so, I enter my late 20s.
Maybe a few months too late... but it's finally happened.

Now, it's not a matter of finding the outfit I look the "thinnest" in.
It's finding the outfit that I feel the most feminine in.

And this sometimes includes maternity-looking fashion, high-wasted jeans, and clothes that show curves rather than bones.

But I wonder, how do men feel about the "maturing 20-something."

Should we leave the billowy, feminine, clothes on the rack and still trek out in our tight black tops?

(Somehow, I think I know the answer to this).


chrissynb said...

I wear what I call 'my uniform' this one black top that makes me feel just right. When in doubt I just pick that up and put it on....I know people are going to think I am totally relatable

Chrissie said...


My ex-roommate and I used to call that shirt "Old Stand-By."

Which unfortunately for us, was the SAME black t-shirt... so if we were both having that sort of a day, we'd have to fight over it.

Ultimately, I won, since it was technicallly mine:)

Sarah said...

Today, my neighbor came out of her apt, dressed for work. She was wearing:

A) pencil heels
B) dark mini skirt w/ slit
C) lacy black top

I was wearing:

A) pair of baggy slacks
B) button down, wrinkled
C) pair of black pumps, worn in so my toes have their own spots.

What I thought to myself about my neighbor: "Man, she looks uncomfortable."

I decide what to wear based on one thing -- comfortable or not comfortable.