Monday, September 10, 2007

The slap that stings the most

Question: "I have been in an 8-year relationship with my boyfriend,
but he does not want to commit to marriage,
he just wants to live together,

and see how we do as a couple.
Should I move on or try living with him?
I asked him if he ever plans on getting married
and he honestly couldn't answer me...
Am I wasting my time? Please help!

Sarah Lynn says:

Sometimes asking the "where is this going" question gets you nowhere.

You can look deep into his eyes, confess your feelings, and hope he says where he stands. Or, with a face full of tears, admit your frustration and demand the truth.

Whatever your approach, in my opinion, if you have to ask, you aren't going to like his answer (or his non-answer).

I'm not saying it's a question that I don't ask.

Those words spill out of my mouth uncontrollably while a sting walks across my face. Because ultimately, the fact that you have to ask (especially over and over) is the biggest slap of all.

WHERE is this relationship going test

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