Monday, September 17, 2007

Three's company camping

It was ALL a girl could ask for -- a weekend getaway with her man and her best friend. The tricky part here was figuring out who, if anyone, was the ODD MAN OUT.

I wondered whether a man could find a place among gossip, food recipes and beauty supply reviews. What would he have to contribute about Jenn's breakup and Liz's break out? At the same time, hadn't I earned at least an attempt after two and 1/2 years of "Not tonight baby, the Yankees are on", or 24-0 old man league hockey games, or "checkout that broad!" comments? How many "ear muffs" did one girl have to take before she needed her man to give up wing night for once?

With the roles reversed (finally an outing that wasn't a sausage FEST), the boyfriend became the invisible man. He melted into his chair, tuning us out and the Yankee/Red Sox game in. He hiked ahead of us on the trail, performing his "duty" as the "mule" w/ the backpack. He paddled us around in the canoe making less noise than the fish.

In the end, my man didn't exactly live up to my own talents as a "wing-woman" around his buddies. But, my best friend points out -- "At least he showed up."

I guess that'll do... for now.


Chrissie said...

A camping with the "BOYS" story for you:

Once upon a time, two girls went camping with 2 men they had only known for 2-ish months.

The girls, used to being "alone" and not "answering" to anyone for years decided that they would drink large amounts of alcohol and go for a walk in the dark woods, SANS MEN.

A huge fight ensued, the "women" were treated like children and one boyfriend spent the rest of the weekend with his girlfriend asking "IS IT OKAY IF I GO TO THE PORT-O-JOHN NOW?" as she passive agressively illustrated her disapproval.

Happily ever after consisted of a girls ONLY camping trip 3 weeks later.

And the moral of the story?

Those fearless women made it home alive... imagine that.

(Leave the men at home)!!!

Sarah said...

I could do that. But who would carry the canoe? :-0


What I am serious about is that GUYS need to get over being the goo in the CHICKWICH. It's only fair.

Chrissie said...

(typo "aggressively" see previous comment!)!!!

AND I guess your camping trips are different than mine Sarah, the only thing we have to carry is the cooler, canoes aren't really my thing;)

Sarah said...

Hey, I believe your post on girl only camping ended w/ you saying it would have been nice to have a man there, no?

Jared said...

Are you really interested in our take on your gossip anyway? Or would you end up wanting the "invisible man" back if he puts too much of his own input in?

Chrissie said...

I THINK we want to hear what you have to say... even if it ends in an argument it's better than silence:)

Sarah said...

Jared, I hear what you are saying. I don't jump in when HIS guy friends discuss batting averages. But I do try to participate when I can. I think it just takes a guy awhile to get used to being outnumbered. It's like the first time he has to go to the store and buy tampons.

Anonymous said...

so here's this: i am a single, heterosexual man who actually prefers hanging out with women over men. i prefer to go to the bar with a girl or two (even totally platonic friends) rather than going with "my boys".

i mean, don't get me wrong: i'm a "man" like any other "man". i'm into all the typical "man" things. i can talk all night long about batting averages and QB ratings and some random chick's chest and my weight-lifting routines and blah blah blah.

i just prefer the conversations i have with women (less grunting and chest-bashing involved... though i've never gone so far as to discuss "liz's break out").

so my question is this: from both the single and coupled points of view, is this a characteristic that makes a man more desirable to women, or somehow less?

and thanks in advance for your responses. i will be infusing this information into my "pick-up artist" studies;)

Sarah said...

I think I want a BALANCE of both.

I want a guy who is totally comfortable around my girlfriends, who can talk about skin blemishes and share drinking stories, but who is also one of "the guys" -- groin scratching and all.

I think that I'm dreaming.

Chrissie said...

Well anon, I think we may prefer the conversation that you have with us when the "boys" arent around, but keep in mind this VERY important thing...

If you're out looking for a girl, or attempting to be "the pick-up artist," hanging out with only women... and the same women repeatedly may not work in your favor.

Because then you look "taken," and from the single perspective, this is never a good thing to appear.

Anonymous said...

haha... yes, chrissie, i think that very fact has hindered me on many a pick-up attempt.

if only they could get barroom access to my myspace page, where they could clearly see that my status asserts so unambiguously, "SINGLE" ;)